The Boss is Back


Apr 26 2007, 12:08

I thought I'd start using the journaling feature of as a way of keeping track of my recent music purchases and my thoughts on said music. The main reason is that I've had a number of strange musical coincidences that are worth noting.

Case in point: I recently bought Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA had a few listens and thoroughly enjoyed the beautifully simple songs hiding under all that awful 80s production. I also caught myself singing along to several of them and remembering all the words, dredged up from when I was 10 or 11 listening to it repeatedly on my walkman, under the covers while reading a collection science-fiction short stories.

My still favourites are I'm on Fire (with a muted guitar riff reminiscent of Blood Money), Glory Days, Working on the Highway and the anthemic yet political Born in the USA. The Boss has (or at least had - I haven't heard any of his new stuff) an amazing knack for putting together punchy, evocative songs using simple American imagery.

Why on earth did I dig this up? I was strongly reminded of it when I heard the (Antichrist Television Blues) from the Arcade Fire's new album. They've managed to take a great rock sound from the 80s and give it a fantastic post-goth work over.

I'm quite tempted to take this little trip back to the 80s further by tracking down Nebraska. I've heard that its very lo-fi compared to Born in the USA and I'm beginning to appreciate simple, well-crafted songs more lately (yes, I guess I am getting older).


  • mdreid

    Thanks for the recommendations! I'll be sure to check out some of those.

    Mag 8 2007, 0:25
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