Some More Future Stories Coming!


Apr 7 2012, 15:48

I have a pretty darn active imagination, so it's no surprise that I have come up with three more story ideas. Read on to find out what they are!

My first of the three is the only one that is not a sequel to someone else's story. It will be a Rayshipping story, which means Ash and Cynthia as the main couple. Basically my idea is that Cynthia made an offer to Ash before his battle against Tobias to train him, and after he loses, he decides to accept the offer so he can get stronger. What happens then and how do they fall in love and reveal their feelings for each other?

The second one will be a pokemon and human romance/family story, so if you don't like it, you have been warned. It will be a sequel to Talon Dragonborn's Debt Repaid which features Ash and Zoroark, and will take place 5 years after the end of the Unova League. It will also feature Altoshipping, which is Ash x Latias (which people strangely don't object to as much as other human and pokemon pairings). It will be rated 'M' for the implied pokemon and human couplings, if not outright lemons.

My final one will also be rated 'M' for a totally different reason: incest (or at least implied) between Ash and Delia. It will be a sequel to the first one-shot in redwarriorofflight's Ketchum Girls: Sex Chronicles of Ash, which is of course an Ash and Delia lemon. It will take place 5 years after that epilogue, so Ash will be 28 and Delia will be 33 (physically but still 57 mentally). (You'll have to read the one-shot to find out how Delia can be that young physically - it's in that one-shot's epilogue.) Basically I'm planning to show their life in Orre for a few years before slowly bringing in their former friends and then seeing what happens next.

I'll be starting the next part of the prologue to "Darkest Before Dawn" this evening, but I don't know when it will be done. I work 12 to 5 today and tomorrow before getting Monday off, so I might be able to complete it by then, but I'll see.

Until next post, take care!


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