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    Nov 8 2009, 19:14

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    This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of UsSparks1.28FindSearch
    Let Me GoHeaven 171.18FindSearch
    Genetic EngineeringOrchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark1.12FindSearch
    Starbound: All Burnt Out & Nowhere to GoDisco Inferno1.11FindSearch
    DavidThe Radio Dept.0.92FindSearch
    Boys In The BushesMartha and the Muffins0.92FindSearch
    Fan ClubThe Damned0.92FindSearch
    The MachmanTubeway Army0.92FindSearch
    Fade AwayBlur0.92FindSearch
    Neat Neat NeatThe Damned0.92FindSearch
    Don't FallThe Chameleons0.92FindSearch
    Inaugural TramsSuper Furry Animals0.92FindSearch
    Palm DesertVan Dyke Parks0.92FindSearch
    57 Ways to End It AllThe Raincoats0.92FindSearch
    Art GroupieGrace Jones0.92FindSearch
    Athol-BroseCocteau Twins0.92FindSearch
    Cancer And DrugsMarquis de Sade0.92FindSearch
    I'd Like to Hurt YouClearlake0.92FindSearch
    Bloody Mother Fucking AssholeMartha Wainwright0.92FindSearch
    G.P.T.Martha Wainwright0.92FindSearch
    Grass Is GreenerDolly Mixture0.92FindSearch
    Cruel to Be KindNick Lowe0.92FindSearch
    Spring CollectionThe Vapors0.92FindSearch
    The CutterEcho & The Bunnymen0.92FindSearch
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    Nov 8 2009, 19:10