• Sequencer, Dune and the Ludovico Technique...

    Lug 4 2008, 7:18

    Larry Fast used Digital Sequencers to rapidly repeat synthesizer sounds and rhythms, and the end result sounds like a full orchestra playing an electronic symphony.

    Though the music is not downbeat or dark, the nature of how it sounds layered with certain melodic lines going in and then peeking out again left me with a bit of an omminous and serious flavor. But, this album really did a number on my head when I was quite young....

    When I was in nineth grade I listened to Sequencer repeatedly, the entire time I was reading Frank Herbert's dark futuristic Sci-Fi novel, "Dune."

    After I finished the book I realized the process of association was causing memories of the music and the book to combine with sensations in my body, in my chest and arms, like the sensations of mild sadness and loss. But the sensations were amplified by the memory of the rich, complex movements of the symphonic electronic music, especially cuts like Chateau and S-Scape. I didn't even need to listen to the music, it was haunting me, repeating in my mind over and over again, and when I did play it the memory of the book was so strong. Well, if you've read or seen, "A Clockwork Orange," you know what I mean when I say it was like a self-administered home experiment in the Ludovico Technique - hahahaha!

    I definitely recommend listening to this album.
    The imagery of the book along with the haunted me for weeks afterwards, to the sound track of Sequencer playing over and over in my head. But it was not simply a pleasant memory of a book and music I liked...it was a profoundly immersive experience, full of physical sensations in my chest and arms...somewhat sad, hopefull and