1001 albums you must hear before you die absolute love all time favourite tracks all-time favorites alternative always forgotten amazing amber bands i have known about years before anyone else did be yourself beautiful best metal song from metallica best metalcore song i heard in a while best of all of their songs best song off this album better than any crazy rappers like snopp dog or 50 cent better than blink better than disturbed better than his dads music better than tool christian rap energetic feel good songs get up and dance gets borring really easily good to listen to while reading a very complex book youre not really interested in hard to define kind of greatness he is a disturbing man i dont need anyones help i know your desire is to be desired if i had a band we would sound like this in the mood for violence it is about time this song was written and recorded just makes you feel good keep smilling like a lonley dream love at first listen love it love songs of a sort love this band and song loved it within 6 seconds of it starting makes me feel better when im sad makes me happy mellow memories of summers past music of my youth music to cry with music to listen when its raining optimistic pack your bags pathetic peace love and jacks mannequin piano addiction powerful covers rainy day rainy day music rock songs that sound like tribal worship songs rocking my world saw it on a popsicle stick shower singalong song sing along quality sitting in the car having a good time so totally awsome sold out to the man songs i never get sick of songs ive obsessed over songs of not being there songs that are upbeat songs that make me cry songs that make me happy songs that take all the anger out of you songs that will not scrobble songs that you wanna listen to over and over again songs to fall asleep to songs to hear before you die songs to love and dream by sounds like a really old song sounds too much like another song southern folk hard rock story of my life stucknhead music stuff i should be able to inject directly into my blood summer summer singalong thank you the kind of song that sends shivers up your spine when you sing along to it the most beautiful death scene ever the song that got me into the band too much too obsessed top 25 dream theater songs trying to be cool but failed very overated very underrated walking the streets at night with your headphones on weird emotions in the head of a very strange girl wher have the good old days gone where have the good old days gone why cant you just love me back why cant you love me back wonderful women