• Creating similar track tag radios

    Nov 28 2009, 23:53

    Edit: These days I'm using my own app The Last.fm Mass Tagger to perform this task.

    In the absence of a radio for the similar tracks I've endeavoured to make my own via the use of tag radios like for example:

    I've found them very enjoyable and perhaps more accurate to my taste then similar artists stations. And they are really not that hard to make quickly either if you don't mind using greasemonkey scripts. Note that unless multiple people do the same thing so that the tag becomes global you will have to be a subscriber to play the radio.

    The script you need to install is maarten_gm's excellent Last.fm Playlist and Tag Manager.

    So say you want a similar radio for My Moon My Man you follow the "Related Tracks" link to go here http://www.last.fm/music/Feist/_/My+Moon+My+Man/+similar. If the script is installed properly there will be a red box at the bottom of the page.

    Select "Tag tracks as a new tag named:" and name the tag. I'm using the convention similar tracks: {artist} - {track} if everyone did the same we could get make it easier to find such stations perhaps. I'd love to hear any suggestion how to aid that too.

    Finally click start and the tag radio will be created, it may take some time for the script to run but at least your not tagging manually. Once that's complete you'll have a personal tag station for similar tracks. Enjoy!

    The Tag Appreciation society

  • Tagging and Tag Radio Resources...for theTag Appreciation Society

    Nov 9 2009, 13:35

    For the group The Tag Appreciation society

    The tag is perhaps the most useful thing on Last.fm, here I am hoping to collate every possible use of it. Any suggestions of good resources will be welcome. And remember tagging isn't supposed to be limited by Genres and if you don't believe me see this official blog entry http://blog.last.fm/2007/08/24/thank-you-taggers

    Tag Search
    Multi tag search
    Tag Browser ~by red-green-blue

    Tag Radio Collections
    The Special Interest Tag Radio Collective - collection of radios based on various themes.
    The Radio Room
    Genre-free tags!

    Top 1000 tags ~by Egg21
    Long tags - Top tags longer then 30 characters long ~by Egg21
    Multi tag radio statistics ~by klbostee
    Tag Encyclopedia ~by farangstar
    Creating similar track tag radios

    Tag Groups
    Subscribers and their tag radio stations
    Track-Tag Bitches
    Pure Track-Taggers
    Vector Tagging - Related to tagging music with numerical vectors
    Non-Subscribers and their tag radio stations
    LFTU - Last.fm Taggers Unite
    Pandora Descriptors - related to tagging music according to Music Genome Project attributes as used by Pandora

    Tagging Apps
    Tagbar -drag and drop interface for quick tagging and loving of tracks on your hard disk. ~by transcendentalA
    Last.fm Playlist and Tag Manager -Greasemonkey script for batch tag and playlist operations from the website. info ~ by maarten_gm
    The Last.fm Mass Tagger

    Dynamic Tag Clouds Create a dynamic tag cloud based off the contents of your library ~by ivanhlyzov
    Musical tag cloud Another way to create a tag cloud ~by aliekens
  • Mullet with headlights - Literal music videos

    Giu 1 2009, 23:51

    I just love this idea. Get some of the most hatstand over the top music videos and re-record the lyrics to match what is happening in the video. . This version of Bonnie Tylers Total Eclipse of the Heart is the best one in my opinion. Hilarious stuff(though it could do without the silly voices in the instrumental section).

    The Literal version of I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meat Loaf is good too.

    And if you still want more:

  • The Gathering - The West Pole ... My thoughts

    Mag 29 2009, 0:20

    Not sure I'd call this a review or not, I'm not the best at describing music... but here are some of my thoughts of the new The Gathering album The West Pole anyway since I'm bored.

    Was always going to be interesting how the band would cope with loss of someone as good as former vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen.Her replacement Silje Wergeland had big shoes to fill.

    Anyway onto my thoughts on the tracks:

    When Trust Becomes Sound
    Enjoyable instrumental to open, my fave of any instrumentals the band has produced. Nice and energetic start to the album.

    Seems to be the popular choice on the new album and was my fave track when samples where first released though my interest has dwindled since. Its nice but it feels kinda samey all the way though to me.

    All You Are
    Probably the most catchy song on the album to me, love the guitars in this one.

    The West Pole
    This is the one that probably stands out to me as most identifiable as the work of The Gathering. One of those that make me drift off into another world when listening. Probably my fave track on the album.

    No Bird Call
    Really like the atmosphere in this one, another one that feels like being taken to another world, an empty landscape.

    Capital of Nowhere
    I find this a very relaxing track, the guest vocals are lovely too. One of my faves.

    You Promised Me a Symphony
    Seems a bit out of place in the album but that doesn't stop me enjoying it on its own. A nice melancholic ballad.

    Pale Traces
    Another guest vocalist. I love Marcela Bovio's voice so that's this song in my good books for starters. Not sure what to say about this song but I found it very enjoyable particularly into the string section at the end. Another relaxing song to listen to.

    No One Spoke
    Back into the guitars on this one and a catchy sound. However its not one of my faves really, though I'll still listen.

    A Constant Run
    A decent track though again not one of my faves. The outro's pretty cool.

    Overall I found it a very enjoyable album. While not my favourite by the band(though that changes a lot) I found it a very solid album which fits nicely into the rest of their catalogue and into my heavy listening rotation ;)
    Complaints? Silje's voice sometimes seems to drown into the music too much sometimes and you cant hear what she's saying(and I'm bad enough for hearing lyrics already). I'm not sure what's to blame for that, she seems perfectly clear in her other work. I think on occasions some sections get a bit repetitive too but not to an alarming amount.
    As far as vocals go I still prefer the voice of Anneke and I will miss her presence in the band. She could never be fully replaced but I can just listen to her separate work now and I think the band made an excellence choice with Silje.

    Here's to the new The Gathering.

  • My 2008 Discoveries

    Gen 19 2009, 0:02

    Out of boredom I have decided to list my musical discoveries of 2008. That is music I actually discovered and enjoyed in the year as opposed to music actually released in the year. I'm always late to the musical party

    My Body Is a Cage
    I'm a sucker for a slow build up followed by an sudden lift, Love it when the organ kicks in. Arcade Fire was without doubt my artist of the year. Special mentions also go to Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), No Cars Go and In the Backseat though I pretty much liked nearly everything.

    Still True
    Already knew and liked Feist but wasn't aware of her early album. Enjoyed and listened to it a lot, particularly this track which may be close to my record for longest time left on repeat. Find it relaxing to listen to for some reason

    Most interesting discovery of the year had to be Stolen Babies with the rock cabaret stylings and alternation between singing and shouting of the singer. Thats probably best demonstrated by something like Tablescrap but this however is just a nicely sung little ballad.

    All Fired Up
    Just a rocking track which I found great to listen to in a pumped up mood. I dunno what else to say, I still need to listen to more Interpol.

    Space-Dye Vest
    Absolutely beautiful and haunting song..depressing yes, but still beautiful.

    I just find this Modest Mouse track and much of thier other work I've heard so far fun to listen to. Also enjoyed Dance Hall and Bukowski

    Children of Stone
    Stumbling upon Espers has really got me into the psychedelic folk kick I've been into lately, and I don't (and wont) even do drugs either :P

    Lithium - Looking for my happier music then my usual taste I stumbled into this from The Polyphonic Spree. And it is happy despite the fact its covering something that isn't, it still sounds it.

    Black Wing Metamorphosis (One-Winged Angel)
    Yes its a video game remix but its a remix of an epic track and it succeeds in perhaps even bettering the original...if only it where a little longer.

    Others i really liked but cant think of what to say about but just want to mention are
    Something of an End - My Brightest Diamond
    Cold, The Lovecats - The Cure (yes I can be that behind)

    All this and more is in My 2008 playlist, although that also features some tracks i already knew about but rediscovered.
  • Video Game Soundtracks

    Gen 27 2008, 15:59

    While it doesn't quite show in my charts I have always loved video game soundtracks, one of the coolest things about them is they will get me listening to things I'd never think to check out otherwise. Anyway in tribute to them I feel like geeking out and writing a journal about some of my fave tracks that no one will read.

    Metal gear Solid 3
    Snake Eater - Cynthia Harrell

    Konami decide to send MGS back to the sixties, so what they do? Why they only give it a very awesome Bond-esk theme. Even if I do still think Snake eater was an absolutely dreadful sub-title.

    Killer 7
    Rave On - Masafumi Takada
    This is nothing like what I'd normally listen to. My mind struggles to cope with the fact I like a track entitled "Rave On" but no I do. In the game I hung around in the room where it played just to listen.

    Still Alive - Jonathan Coulton (vocals Ellen McLain)

    Pretty much the song that inspired me to write this journal in the first place. If you haven't played the game and plan to then DON'T watch the video as may spoil it. The song was just the perfect end to a great and hilarious game.

    Command and Conquer Red Alert
    Hell March - Frank Klepacki
    The Command and Conquer games where full of great tracks but has to be my faviroute, the perfect track to accompany mounting a soviet attack with the marching sounds, commander chants and industrial sound

    Silent Hill 2

    Theme of Laura - Akira Yamaoka
    I've not actually played this game but goodness me I love the soundtrack. I only noticed it by watching a trailer for the game. I love the atmosphere.

    Streets Of Rage
    The Streets of Rage - Yuzo Koshiro
    I used to watch the into over and over to listen to this. Impressive for something coming out of a megadrive.

    Half-Life 2: Episode Two
    Vortal Combat - Kelly Bailey
    Perfect music for a frantic battle scene.

    I could go on but I better stop before I waste anymore of my life.
  • My tracks of 2007

    Gen 17 2008, 0:52

    I'm crap at describing why I like things but I'm gonna try anyway...anywho these are my fave tracks released in 2007(that I can remember) in no particular order:

    Intervention - Arcade Fire
    Epic track, when the choir kicks in towards the end its just well I cant find the word. Think of a more pretentious word for great :P

    My Moon My Man - Feist
    Its just so catchy, never fails to get my toe tapping. I'd also label Feist as my top artist discovery of year. Oh and I love the video too, there is just something about her dancing that appeals and this is coming from someone who never cares for such things.

    Leaving Eden - Antimatter
    Ok from happy and catchy to this dark and melancholic track from another band I only discovered last year. Don't know what to say about it really other then I found it rather beautiful if utterly depressing along with it.

    Sunken Soldiers - Agua de Annique
    Ah Anneke, my current avatar and fave singer. Its still sad that she left The Gathering last year as I know I'll never see them together live now but shes put together a very nice Album with Air.
    Now how to describe the song.. I like it and.....oh look a gold play icon!

    Witnesses - Agua de Annique
    A rockier track from the album. I love how She goes crazy in her live performances of this. :P

    Footballers Wife - Amy Macdonald
    Any song that goes against pointless celebrities such as wives of footballers gets a thumbs up from me. That the track sounds nice and Amy has a great voice is even better.

    Run Pig Run - Queens Of The Stone Age
    These descriptions are getting difficult now, I dunno I just like QOTSA and I this track more then the others off the Era Vulgaris album.

    Black Butterfly - Laura Veirs
    One of Lauras songs which make me feel like drifting off into a dreamworld. Very relaxing.
    Saltbreakers is a wonderful album all round.

    The Signal - Sandra Nasic
    I dunno I just like it despite it sounding quite electronic which I dont usually listen to.

    The Dress - Blonde Redhead
    Dreamy, beautiful, some other words I cant think of.

    Um yes well that was a waste of time, farewell any random mysterious person who oddly decided to read this.
  • On no not more Shuffle

    Nov 8 2007, 1:20

    What do people assume when they first look at me?
    The Cranberries - Salvation

    I will SAVE them..can i get an amen to that?

    What will be a big challenge in life for me?
    Helene - Where Do You Go to When You Disappear

    yes where will I go...

    Am I a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
    KT Tunstall - Silent Sea

    that doesnt sound good

    Do I have a Secret Admirer?
    Queens Of The Stone Age - Tangled Up In Plaid

    I must rescue her from her plaid tangled nightmare!

    Will I ever become manically depressed in my life?
    theatre of tragedy - Silence

    I'm taking the silence to mean I already am

    How will I die?
    The Strokes - Reptilia

    The Reptile people will get me..David Icke was right!

    Is someone trying to kill me?
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the Way

    which way?

    What is my sexual preference?
    The Gathering - King for a Day

    well I suppose it could have been worse and been queen...

    What am I afraid of?
    Dolores O'riordan - Angel Fire

    Yes I cant stand those flaming angels

    What will I be doing in a few years?
    Queens of the Stone age - & +

    well that makes absolutely no sense, just like my mind trying to answer the same question.

    What is some good advice for me?
    Cat Power - I Found A Reason

    To find a reason to bother doing anything

    What should I do instead of this quiz?
    Stream Of Passion - Nostalgia

    Wallow in nostalgia

    What is a bad habit that I should try to stop?
    Akira Yamaoka - Promise

    My promising of stuff is out of control

    What's for dinner tonight?
    Blonde Redhead - Misery Is a Butterfly

    A miserable butterfly :( can't I at least get a happy one
  • A Sound Relief

    Mag 11 2007, 23:46

    I really need this dvd! Edit: And now I have it *grins*

  • Addicted to The Gathering

    Feb 26 2007, 22:17

    I have now reached over 2000 plays for my top artist The Gathering so here's an uninteresting journal entry to signify it :P. Pretty impressive if you consider I only truly discovered this band in October while my next highest band Evanescence has got its high figure over a much longer period of time of listening from not long after I joined.

    I came across them when In Motion Part Ii came up on the tag radio. Now despite not fitting in with what I was looking for at the time I liked it and tagged the band for further investigation later. (well maybe you could consider the original version of that song to fit that description but lets not go into genre debates as I find them pointless and tiresome *sends fiery death to the Evanescence shoutbox*)

    Eventually I got round to checking them out more and now I'm seriously addicted and have been for months. I love everything from their metal days with Mandylion to whatever you would class their music as nowadays with Home and everything in between.

    I can't explain why I love their music so much. Well maybe I can but it would take forever to do so, I like it in many different ways. Of course there is the constant of Anneke van Giersbergen's fantasic voice.
    They are one of the few bands that can be listened to no matter what mood I'm in. I don't have to relate to the lyrics or anything I can just listen. Although with some I can, at least with my interpretation of them anyway.

    I really should see them live at some point, its a shame they don't seem to visit the UK from what I can see. Oh well I can console myself with the very awesome fabchannel concerts and the wonders of youtube etc.

    Dunno if its worth checking out the stuff before Anneke joined , I've seen the video for King For A Day which didn't exactly fill me with interest.

    Well that ramble went on longer then I meant it to, but in summary The Gathering = Awesome :P