• Feist in Montreal

    Lug 16 2013, 0:52

    Ven. 28 juin – FIJM: Feist under the Stars
    Feist is the most lazy artist I have ever seen, her microphone is still the worst shit ever, heavily distorted, tons of echo, no mids, just highs, very unprofessional and that is how she wants it, as garage as possible. Yet she manages to complain about the echo in this open air stage, wow she got balls to blame the festival setup when even her 2 latest studio voice recording is complete garbage. Lets move on to the next problem: I was amazed to see she can compose guitar lines with just 5 notes, AND STILL MANAGES TO COMPLETELY SKIP 2 OF THEM. It's like she never rehearsed. Then she tried to make the crowd sing, absolute fail: first, It 's a free gig, don't expect those tourists to know the songs, FFS, and then she asked English people to sing aahh ahhh ahhh, while French people sings ah ahhh aaaahhh. IT WAS THE SAME FUCKING VOCAL LINE. Is she drunk or stoned? Prolly both, that's why she only uses her fisherprice microphone so we cant hear all her mistakes.

    End of the line, it was nice knowing you, Feist, ADIOS.
  • Bjork in Ottawa

    Lug 16 2013, 0:29

    Sam 13 jui. – Bjork at Ottawa BLUESFEST

    How can a hot day in an open field become incredibly hot? Have Bjork to sing most of her hits, of course, and feel the heat from 4 huge vertical flame throwers. That was the most impressive part. I don't know what they put in there to make that bright red flame, but they did add something for sure.
    The other visual feature was a kind of thunderbolt hanging in a cage above her head. 2 metal plates facing each other that produces something very similar to lightning. Nice to look at but way too small for an open field gig.
    What about the music? That latest album is a bit too much techno for my taste, so was the show. A nice ±12 ladies choir who like to dance in between vocal lines. An electronic drum, and a guy working his computers and is a techno adept. Is it enough people to rock the house? almost.
    Most old songs were reworked in a techno way, so its not as good as the previous tour.

    mutual core: the choir did an amazing crescendo that fits the song perfectly.
    pluto: good live song whatever happens.
    hunter: the opening track, always great.
    What's missing? army of me, how can she forget about it when it was the #1 highlight in her previous tour?
    easily forgotten: some anonymous tracks from Biophilia, and hyperballad with its powerblast remix outro which is getting old already.

    I feel Björk is on the way down, which makes me sad. earth intruders vibe was so much better. I still enjoyed, but it could have been so much better.
  • Rachel chesapeake tour

    Giu 9 2013, 21:41

    Lun. 3 juin – Rachael Yamagata + Sanders Bohlke

    This is the second chesapeake tour, and she took care not to do the same show twice by reworking all her repertoir, remixing and adding a new vibe to it, so new even Rachel looked uncomfortable, she even looked more shy than usual with her few in-between songs stories.
  • T-R fest: good bands, bad venue.

    Ott 28 2012, 16:56

    Fri 12 Oct – Trois-Rivieres Metalfest 2012

    one of the best line-up i have seen, 3 bands i really wanted to see:
    Unexpect is my probalby my favorite band, both on CD and on stage, it was my 4th time seing them, see previous reviews!

    B.A.R.F. came as one of my teen-age bands, who i never had the chance to see back then I was surprised by their energy, mostly the singer. Top shape. Excellent stage presence, this raging voice touches my soul. Definately the highligth of the evening. pretty much all their best tracks expect la bastringue were included in the set.

    Gorguts is the band that made me decide to ride 2+2 hours to get there, i expected a lot, can these studio genuises deliver their promises on stage?
    Even after changing most of their members, yes, the high technicalities of the musicianship was evident, their new guitarist looks extremely young and got this delicate and passionate style, he trully lives each of his solos. They did a new song, an instrumental one, not much i can remember, sorry. They choose only good songs, but honestly, they only have good songs!

    special notice to the organizers: These black drapes hanging perpendicular from the ceiling is a good idea, you just have to put 10 times more sound dampening materials, on each walls, and parralell to the ceiling also. They would also make a better atmosphere than these white concrete tiles. As it was on that date, this venue trully battles for the worst sound quality to exist in the whole province. The voice frequencies were boucing so many times on each surfaces that every other frequencies were lost.
  • See Annie Clark in a church, is that a dream come true?

    Set 22 2012, 22:16

    Fri 21 Sep – David Byrne & St. Vincent
    Admitedly to see Annie ( St. Vincent ), i decided to try it out, not expecting much from the other guy. Why in a church, guys? The bench is ridiculous, not even 6 inches of hard wood to rest your booty, the echo is phenomenal, as expected, although they managed to make it barely endurable. The worst part was the crowd reactions between songs, damn it hurts!

    Simple reason : the organ, which they used to remake a song by St-vincent, ill let you guys guess which one. Stunning part of the show, Annie in the front, organ in the back, people standing and not knowing which way to look at. i looked at other people, their faces, man, the face they had was priceless. Mine too i guess...cause that sound was pure and overwhelming emotion.

    Mister Byrne, what planet are you comming from? He for sure is not afraid to look ridiculous, his choreography could have been taken out of an elementary school act, literally. Imagine 8 people with their respective air instrument, (tuba, trompet, trombone, sax) plus Annie and her guit, all syncronized in their moves and their childish hand movements, circling around the stage and doing what i would call the "plane dance"or the "magic carpet dance" or the egyptian dance, or the "writing machine" dance. Funny, but i felt like Annie was having trouble being comfortable in this silly style. Plus, I love her own "guit-solo-crazy-dance", she doesnt need any other choregraphy, really.

    Highlights: any track from Annie's solo work, accompanied by the Byrne orchestra: northern ligths, marrow, save me from what i want, cheerleader, black rainbow, cruel without orchestra, plus the one with organ, of course. To be honest, they reworked the song to a point i can not tell the title as i write this. Landmines maybe?

    Unique show/tour for sure, nothing will ever quite be in the same category, ever.
    And no, we did not exchange rings :(
    David Byrne & St. Vincent
  • Devin+stolen babies show review: what was wrong? and funny things

    Set 22 2012, 16:35

    Thu 20 Sep – Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Devin Townsend Project, Stolen Babies

    ...pretty much everything was wrong, if you ask me. Starting with the front door! Anyone would think that opening the fukin doors before the show actually starts is common sense, but not in this place. I missed at least 2 songs (Stolen Babies) while in the crowded stairs, and god knows how many while i was still outside. 2 songs ( or more ) off of a 30 minutes set for the band i wanted to see in the first place. i was pissed but was still able to ask, in a polite way, the girl who was doing nothing behind the counter beside the other girl ditributing tickets, "what happened?" (She act like she didnt understand) ... why did it start before we can get in? "i dont know", she said with her beautifull emptiness smile. I shoulda said " sorry, i assumed you were there for a reason". Just there, i lost some of the hope i have in humanity.

    i really enjoyed fillstata and spill!, that burst of energy goes straigh to my soul. Dominique is full of face expression, good thing because that was the only movement she was allowed to do on that tiny stage. She learned it the hard way after hiting her mic pole with her accordion, bobbling her eyes out wondering what to do if it ends up on the floor! She didnt stop singing, like a pro! Unheard, but still! Tiny charming nice looking girl, by the way. The new songs, which i never heard before, seemed to lack that stolen B energy, they are going in a new + easier direction, not sure if i like yet.

    what about Paradise Lost ? just as they claim: depressive.
    what about Katatonia ? just as they claim: depressive. But not for this one guy standing middle front row: singing and dancing around like his ass is on fire. Funny thing is this singer likes to totaly hide his face in his hair. Even at 4th row in a standing crowd, i could only see his face BETWEEN songs. Is he really singing? prolly not. Stage presence evaluation: 0%

    And then comes the miraculous Devin !
    yes Devin Townsend Project was the headliner.
    If anyone likes his new song called Lucky Animals, i am sad for you because Devin said he intended to make the most cheesy song ever. himself clearly stated "this song SUCKS". Can Devin the miraculous make the worst song of all time and make sure people enjoy it? Of course people enjoyed it, I did too, but thats just because he said it sucks, because, it really sucks. I much prefer his hard work productions like on Deconstruction. Funny thing: between each song, we could ear come dance/techno beat from another room, Devin did his little silly dance to it on 3-4 occasions.
    Stage presence evaluation: 100%
    His face is something unique to see, ill let you guys have the surprise if you ever get the chance, kinda hard to describe anyway.

    Devin quote: that is the most weird sound venue i ever played in. I was so happy hearing this, Devin will never play there anymore! imagine 20 000 watts of bass together with barelly 1000W of mids and highs. The floors rattles like there was an earthquake, just disgusting sounds even with earplugs. You can tell the real purpose if this place: a disco house.

    How can this place still be around after decades of shit-making?
  • Jorane show review: perfect sound?

    Lug 1 2012, 17:25

    Sat 30 Jun – Jorane et l'Orchestre I Musici de Montréal, jazz festival
    It was my first time at this venue. The opening notes from the opening track (some classical piece i dont know much about) was absolutely stunning, i have never heard such sound quality before, trully amazing. My listening position was the one of the best (4th row, perfect center), and i enjoyed it all the way.
    When Jorane appeared, the mic artificial echo was sligthly over the top, which didnt fit well with the ±23 piece orchestra who was clear as .. diamond(!!), nothing less.
    Jorane has a nice repertoire and the classical arrangements were already proven to work well. Once again proven.
    Memorable, thanks Joanne.
  • Fables Of The Sleepless Empire tour

    Set 19 2011, 0:41

    Sat 17 Sep – Diva Metal Fest 2
    Out of 3 times seing Unexpect, it was my favorite one!
    Everything was nearly perfect. Their energy was extreme.
    altough i prefer IAFA on disc, the new FotSE songs shine even more on stage, «Unsolved Ideas of a Distorted Guest» is my new favorite track, it as everything i look for, a strong groove + virtuosity +intensity. the way they deliver that song is stunning.
    Throughout the show, each instrument was clear (with ear plugs, of course) and pleasant, while down sides were very minor like some violin microphone shutdown, but the guy kept on playing as best as he can. i could read on his face «Who the hell pulled the plug?»
    the bass player dived on the crowd a couple times, while still playing of course, PRO!
    The lack of keyboard player doesnt bother too much, the computer is a decent/good replacement!
    The voices are so good that i am not sure how much help they get from the computer, either the blend is perfect or they get no help at all, unlike some other bands (see my previous review). i still find Leïlindel (female singer) to be a fascinating dancer when she is not singing. Her epileptic-like style fits the music perfectly, i could gaze at her dance for hours...

    it seems easy to look passionate on stage when the music itself is made of pure passion, thanks Unexpect, i will buy again, i want more, very soon...next month.

    Best Show of the year award already goes to Fables Of The Sleepless Empire.
    i wish they had invited Stream of passion again for this tour.

    bonus fun: a fan holds a beer glass for the guitarist to drink while playing. Too big to swallow at once? it doesnt matter, let the rest flow on hand and guitar!! haha
  • the unforgivable unforgiving tour

    Set 10 2011, 20:10

    Thu 8 Sep – Within Temptation, 3
    should i forgive Within Temptation for making this show? that will be hard...
    i accuse WT to be sadistic, here's why:
    1)why make music that a band member does not like?
    2)are we at the movies, or at a real live event?
    3)what are sound checks for?

    1) one thing i always do when going to gigs is to take some time to focus a minute or two on each bandmembers. heres my observations:
    the keyboard player seems to be sleeping, absolutely immobile, absolutely no face expression. He looks bored, and its only the second show of a world tour!! is he hating the new tracks? Was he just to disturbed by the distorsion coming out of his key-bored?
    Sharon: obviously not confortable with her sound, shes playing with her transmission device every 30 seconds, and its never quite satisfying. she has the potiential, i remember being impressed by her voice when they opened for Lacuna Coil a couple years ago. in the end.
    side note: drummer is one a a kind: one of the happiest person ive seen on stage, if only his play was interesting. This new album lacks drum creativity, i was hoping for some implementation, but no. As you migth know, this is a new drummer, i suspect the previous one had a depression after listening the unforgiving demos.
    at last,

    2) i once read that this tour would have a unique concept, i tried not to read updates, to keep it as a surprise. What is it about? MOVIES! i didnt expect those movies to be part of the show since i already watched them. i find it to be a very bad idea, here how it goes: ligths go down, everybody scream, we know its gonna start very shortly... energy reachs the climax.. err, no, we gota wait for this 4minutes long movies, people stop screaming, , some watch, others wait. its a movie, with some silent parts, it kills the mood. Those who knows about it find it old story, while others cant find it since projector is not perfectly focused and ligth output is too weak. whatever, its boring! music please. it could have been acceptable to use these movies as a break for members to rest in the middle of the show, but as an opener, NO. What about the 3rd movie? It feels like we got a partial show, not that i wanted to see the 3rd movie, but usually we get to have at least 2 encore songs. We had none.

    3) in the end, these were just small problems compared to the sound. the opening (and new) tracks mostly feature basic 3 notes guitars and they were unheard. (thank god this was not songs by Gorguts) The piano that is often supposed to be "natural" was heavily distorded, the voice tracks were overlaping and cacophonous. (Yes tons and tons of voice tracks, even for the "lead parts", she once had the mic on her knee for the final word of a phrase, yet we could still hear it!). They used way too much artificial echo boost, and most of the time, it hurts my ears even with plugs as deep as possible. Sound quality sligthly improved as we went through it, but the sucess bar was out of reach, miles away from their previous show. Damn incompetent «sound checkers» who «adjust» everything on max just for the sake of rough power.

    all this shit combine with 35°C and near 100%humidity made me think a couple time that i should leave, but i had hope...

    only one positive moment: the crowd reacted a lot after "our solem our", loud cheering and all, Sharon was cute a this moment.

    Within Temptation, thats what you get for trying to gather new fans with non-music-related device, you forget the basics: music itself.
  • what the next nightwish set list should be?

    Feb 7 2010, 18:16

    i though it'd be interesting to discuss what songs should be removed from DPP set list to make room for the upcomin new songs.
    the start point is here:

    "7 Days to the Wolves"
    "Dead to the World"
    "The Siren"
    "Dead Boy's Poem"
    "The Poet and the Pendulum"
    "The Islander"
    "Dark Chest of Wonders"
    "Ghost Love Score"
    "Wish I Had an Angel"

    set list source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Passion_Play_World_Tour

    lets say we have to remove 6, since 6 songs from this actual set list are from DPP which means 6 were removed from the "once" setlist. What should they absolutely keep? what should they absolutely remove? hard choices make good discussion? what do you wish that they remove but that the band will keep in the end? ...(thinking of Wish I Had an Angel )
    also, keep in mind what songs fit best with Anette
    NightwishTarjaAnette Olzon