nearLY and modwheelmood


Dic 30 2007, 8:52

So I just (over the last couple of days) purchased nearly (no pun intended) every digital release of nearLY and Modwheelmood. I'm a huge Nine Inch Nails fan, so it's really awesome getting to hear current member's and former member's side projects. I'm particularly impressed with Modwheelmood. They remind me of an amalgamation of several bands I like, all wrapped into one. And pretty much every single song of theirs has an incredibly melody or bridge that wows me every time.

And it's good to hear Claudia Sarne (of 12 Rounds) doing music with Jerome Dillon, it makes for a very interesting combination.

So if you're on the fence about either group, go ahead and give yourself a quick taste-test. Modwheelmood is a little lighter on the soul, while nearLY is a tad more dark.



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