The comfort of the country


Mar 21 2008, 0:38

What is it thats so comforting about country music? I love it. IT can really make you at piece with the world in a way no other music (except possibly Radiohead) can. I've recently been listening to the few songs of country music I can find on my computer which is really very little, though I keep discovering more. Anyway, basically the point of this journal is to see if anybody can recommend me more songs like the following which I have been on the verge of obsessing about recently:

Four Winds
Fisherman's Blues

It's mainly the violins I like about those songs.

on night
Words In The Wires

The River


No No Never

Long Way Round

I would really appreciate some response, just any recommendations like those, and if you don't know them, any at all will do.

Stereophonics Texas Lightning Bruce Springsteen Hello Saferide Christian Kjellvander Waterboys Bright Eyes


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