Apr 7 2007, 6:40

I really enjoy the band Chilliwack.
I think more people should listen to them.
I saw them in concert last Canada Day, and they were AWESOME!


Now. Go listen.
And vote for their picture.


  • marley-72

    halina, that is quite an awesome journal written under my name. CHILLIWACK ROXXERZ AND ROLLERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    Apr 8 2007, 6:48
  • evilsardines

    I know. =] Your welcome. NOW - go vote for their picture!

    Apr 8 2007, 8:03
  • marley-72

    i already did. 7 votes for yay. none for nay. and ITS STILL NOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *whailing sadly* it made me saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    Apr 10 2007, 6:50
  • evilsardines


    Apr 13 2007, 8:20
  • marley-72

    i know. its sad. and you know what else is sad? im commenting on my own journal. well... technically, you wrote it, but whatever. can you update my page? plzkthx. :D

    Apr 14 2007, 2:24
  • evilsardines

    So what if you're commenting your own journal? You're responding to reply's.

    Apr 16 2007, 2:04
  • marley-72

    :( Still not a lot of people listen to Chilliwack. *cries*

    Mag 21 2007, 22:28
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