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  • laidbackphil

    Great listening library :)

    19 Mag 2012 Rispondi
  • RandyB1961

    I like your library.

    18 Ago 2011 Rispondi
  • MobyWhale7

    i wonder what [unknown] - 09 Track 9 is!!! an overwhelming 24 play musst be really intricate, or just REALLY catchy

    3 Gen 2011 Rispondi
  • pomelo78

    didi you listen the last from the shins? nice...;-)

    13 Feb 2007 Rispondi
  • RandyB1961

    On your profile you mention you like Douglas Adams; ever read Terry Pratchett?

    8 Gen 2007 Rispondi
  • LazarusLaMorte

    You've been the top neighbour for 5 weeks now so could you please listen to some shitty music. I need variety. Thank you.

    20 Dic 2006 Rispondi
  • pomelo78

    Are you a tangerine lover?;-)

    1 Dic 2006 Rispondi
  • Sooups

    hey marilyla, reccomend me some good music :]

    21 Set 2006 Rispondi
  • whatsumirifunky

    Welcome aboard, marilyla! join the alligator survival club

    9 Ago 2006 Rispondi
  • RoosterBlocker

    Just wanna pass on the word. Thom Yorke's The Eraser Album really kicks butt.

    3 Ago 2006 Rispondi
  • AyalaSurit

    How can such a huge Wes Anderson fan not be listening to Margot & The Nuclear So And Sos? Not only did they name their band after Margot Tenenbaum, but the lead singer has admitted to copping inspiration from Anderson flicks. Plus, they have an awesome sound, kind of like Death Cab-meets-The Decemberists. Check them out!

    22 Lug 2006 Rispondi
  • RoosterBlocker

    Hi, I'm glad I found the best music site ever! The Shins and Belle & Sebastian played together tonight in LA but I missed it couldn't get tickets. Going to Death Cab in Aug though. I know what you're saying about the need to have music at least once a day I can't get through work without it. This site helps.

    7 Lug 2006 Rispondi
  • AyalaSurit

    Aww - love the new pic! I've always had a huge crush on Wes - please tell me I'm not the only one! :)

    29 Giu 2006 Rispondi
  • Max-Wesslo

    thanks, night was very nice but the morning uprising was terrible, because i´m going to work now a it´s really destroying me, ah ... i hope you´ll have a beautiful night too!

    30 Mag 2006 Rispondi
  • AyalaSurit

    Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself. I just joined your Wes Anderson group! Yay!

    29 Mag 2006 Rispondi
  • the_real_roto

    Why thank you for your vote! :)

    28 Mag 2006 Rispondi
  • Max-Wesslo

    did you noticed my message about movies?

    30 Apr 2006 Rispondi
  • xeightoh3

    Haaa, Thanks...

    14 Apr 2006 Rispondi
  • Max-Wesslo

    and I remember, i´ve read some books from Vonnegut though. It was called The Sirens of Titan and I really liked it.

    9 Apr 2006 Rispondi
  • Max-Wesslo

    Firt chapter of Desolation Angels is quite hard to read, it´s about Kerouac´s feelings and it´s needful to say he was a little crazy while was at mountains...

    9 Apr 2006 Rispondi
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