• Track # 20,000

    Mag 12 2007, 7:57

    Friday night. Summer "break" (grad students do not have breaks). 2:30 am after watching the amazing Manchurian Candidate (the old version with Sinatra and Angela Lansbury). I realized I needed 5 tracks to reach the song # 20,000 in Last.FM . I consider it an accomplishment given the limited amount of time I have to listen to music. Well ... I decided it needed to be The Libertines - Don't Look Back Into The Sun. I left most of my 90's music in Chile (namely, Blur, Oasis, Pulp, Suede, Supergrass, Manics, Charlatans, which are my favorite bands ever) therefore it wa snot going to be a classic. But I picked an even newer classic. I think it is the best Libertines song. I remember when I discovered this song, how I used to play it again and again while walking always managing to get a smile in my face. My favorite line..."when they played that song at the Death Disco, it started fast, but it ends so slow, and all the time it just reminded of you". I actually went to the Death Disco in NYC at The Delanceys. Anyway, it does not matter the place...the line suits a lot of circumstances. A truly amazing song.
  • Deerhoof @ Crowbar, Tampa

    Feb 20 2007, 4:18

    Sun 18 Feb – Deerhoof, Busdriver, Harlem Shakes

    I first heard of Deerhoof thanks to Audiogalaxy while living in Chile some years ago. I guess it was by the time they released Milk Man or maybe the one before(don't remember the name now). What I do remember clearly is how that tiny and playful voice grabbed my attention inmediately. Some years passed and I lost their track until The Runners Four, their most (accessible) pop album definitely. O'Malley Former Underdog, Spirit Ditties Of No Tone, Twin Killers, Siriustar had a secured slot on my Ipod playlists for several months.
    Their new record, Friend Opportunity, is not as accessible as The Runners Four, but offers a more solid collection of songs.
    I was quite excited about the show. It was the first time I was going to see Deerhoof live.
    I don't like the idea of shows in Tampa (I prefer St. Pete or Orlando), because most of the time implies going to Ybor City where it is pretty common to find assholes in the audience who really do not care about the music and their only concern is getting shitfaced, putting up fights, and bother people with their loud and stupid comments. This time was not the exception, a small quarrel took place, and as a result I could not enjoy one of my favorite Deerhoof songs, the aforementioned Spirit Ditties of No Tone, however my friend Drew recorded it and here you can watch a clip of it: (in the meantime I was trying to understand what the fucking drunk bug was trying to babble, basically threats)

    Setting aside that obnoxious incident, the show was a complete success. Satomi Matsuzaki's infinite charisma is a delight to watch and the energy displayed by the rest of the band defines the experience of seing a band live.
    A special mention for that colorful device that rotated during the whole show. It really adds to the amazing Deerhoof experience.

    The two opening acts were quite amazing: The Harlem Shakes (I see some Clap your Hands Say Yeah, and that's good news for me at least) and Busdriver (I particularly enjoyed the tracks with dancier bases)

    Here I add two more Deerhoof clips I recorded at the show:

    Kidz Are So Small


    I wish they would have played O'Malley Former Underdog...well next time...and hopefully without music-ignorant drunkards around.
  • The Rapture @ The Club at Firestone, Orlando

    Feb 10 2007, 3:45

    Thu 25 Jan – The Rapture

    One of the bands I listened a lot last year was The Rapture and regardless of what the critics said about Pieces Of The People We Love I loved the album, always being played in my Ipod while walking to campus.
    Certainly Echoes was the album that got me into The Rapture with killer tracks like Heaven (the track they chose to open the gig), I Need Your Love, Echoes, Sister Saviour and obviously House Of Jealous Lovers (all of them played in the gig). However, one of the highlights of the night was Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks from the 2001 EP of the same name. I was so involved and baffled that I could not record anything from that track but here you have some clips from the already mentioned I Need Your Love:

    and also two from Pieces Of The People We Love:

    The Devil

    and Don Gon Do It

    The only complain I have from the gig it is that they did not play one of my favorite tracks off Pieces Of... First Gear....it was a great show though...

    My My My Mustang Ford....
  • Yo La Tengo @ State Theatre, St. Pete

    Feb 10 2007, 3:21

    Thu 1 Feb – Yo La Tengo

    When I was working in Chile around 4 years ago, one of my colleagues (Raul) was talking about how amazing was the first time he saw live Yo La Tengo in Hoboken while he was living in NYC. I could not help but feeling a little jealous thinking in how fortunate he had been and at the same time thinking in when I could see them live (at that point coming to the States was not in my plans). Well, and I did see them live on February 1 2007 and it was great. At several points in the concert I got goosebumps, I was so thrilled when I listened to songs such as Decora (from the Eletr-o-pura album from 1995) I recorded a little bit:
    or Deeper Into Movies from I Can Hear the Heart beating as One:

    The giglist also included material from I am Not Afraid of You...such as Mr Tough, Beanbag Chair, Song For Mahila, The Story Of Yo La tengo to name but a few.

    They did two encores and they closed the show with this gem from I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, My Little Corner of the World (with an unknown special guest) that I recorded in full: