:Things human beings can do together::


Set 10 2011, 11:21

Have an engaging conversation.

Explore each others’ bodies.


Cook a meal, together.

Go to the movies, buy popcorn and cherry cola.


Scream at one another.

Beat each other up.

Smoke in bed.

Run away together.


Make art, collaborate on various projects.

Cry, in each others’ arms.

Drink each others’ bodily fluids.

Drag a deer down a hill.

Get drunk.

Ride bicycles in summer.

Suicide pacts.


Have coffee.

Hold each others’ hands.

Exchange objects.

Build a house.

Go swimming in oceans.

Discuss movies, books, politics, music.

Watch movies under blankets.

Take a walk.



& at the end, we are always in a state of existential loneliness, which within itself is not a positive or negative state, it’s a reality that once realized, can be faced with manic repulsive reactions or healing embracing ones. What we can share together is information about experiences, but never the experiences themselves. No matter how close the connection can be, there’s always space, distance. It can be painful sometimes and that’s why you need a certain layer of communication to soften such harshness, yet beneath this layer, there is a strong sense of isolation and loneliness, that can never be escaped, only accepted. In the process of breathing, such state becomes very obvious to me; we breathe in, inhale all the symbols, the sounds, the translations, the scents, the colors, the visions then breathe out, exhale all the traces, become empty of external temptations and humbly go to sleep.

Sara Samy


  • Nouran88

    Mahmoud, did you write this thing? cause I really loved it!

    Ott 26 2011, 11:15
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