• my top new-wave/80's list.

    Apr 14 2006, 19:31

    these are the songs that i really like, from the great 80's.

    the order of the songs doesnt mean anything...

    1. Penthouse And Pavement[ (from we don't need that fascist groove, 1982)

    why?: well. you can NOT like a song with such a crazy synth intro. glenn gregory's vocals rock. just pure new-wave goodness.

    2. One Thing Leads To Another[ (from the album "reach the beach", 1983)

    why?: this song just pure flat rocks. it's fun, nice, and classy. the vocals rock, and so does the music... no synth here really, but just a really fun song.

    3. Voices In My Head (from the album 'burning bridges', 1983)

    why?: from the beginning it's a synthpop party. what more can i say? just fun fun fun... very underrated by this synth duo though, because everyone knows their ' always there to remind me of you '.. which is nice, but this one rocks.

    4. Living On The Ceiling (from "happy families", 1982)

    why?: this is a well known one. a symbol of 80's music for some, i dunno. anyway, it's just fun. love the synth, the crazy guitar or whatever it is, and the clapping. great vocals.

    5. The Anvil (Night Club School) (from "the anvil", 1982)

    why?: this is 80's! a little bit dark, a little happy, synthpop at it's best, a sound that really defines the era. and the cover of the album!

    6.Do I (not sure from which album, it's on my "best of kajagoogoo" from 1996..)

    why?: i just fell in love with this song. happy synth, good rhythm, vocals are good.. it's just fun, but there are LOTS of other fun kajagoogoo songs, EXCEPT for too shy!

    7. (Keep Feeling) Fascination (from "fascination" in 1983)

    why?: the intro says it all, pure new-wave goodness, love the happy synth, and the league rules.

    8. Wot[ (from "women and captains first" 1982)

    why?: I LOVE THIS SONG. so catchy, fun, simple and happy. and funny, too! there's also another good song in this album named ' happy talk '.

    9. Poison Arrow (from "the lexicon of love", 1982)

    why?:shoot that poison arrow to my heaaaaaart! one of the classics, just fun, good rhythm, love the bass, love the clip, vocals.. crazy.

    10. Rise (from the album "rise", 1979 or 1980, not sure)

    why?: why not? well, it's not synthy, it's not new-wave, but it's just beautiful, soothing and it brings me lots of joy. alpert is the undisputed king of trumpet playing, and he can make some sexy and romantic music.

    that's my list, more or less.
    i love LOADS of songs, this is just a compromised one.
    thank god for the 80's, that's what i can say..

    Dic 29 2005, 12:38

    this song is a winner.
    iommis riffs blow you away to the fantasy lands of which dio sings about.

    i've always wondered what's this song about. dio says love in it.

    and somehow this song always makes me thing about love, described as some kind of "battle" for love.

    anyone else agrees that it has some kind of a "romantic feeling"?

    and what a killer solo! i've used to have this one as a ringtone on my t630, it woke me up in the army, even for guard duty, and guard duty sucks, but waking up with the solo of this song makes you really happy.

    in conclusion, this song makes me really happy, and it's damn good, along with the rest of "Heaven and hell"

    10/10 !! le extraordinare!
  • what can be said?

    Dic 27 2005, 18:02

    what can be said about this great band that was not said?

    i think that they are a little underrated here and there. but who gives a damn? they're my band.

    lemmy is a special musician, and motorhead are a special, unique band.

    greets to all motorbangers out there.