My First Entry, My Top 10 Blink Songs


Dic 10 2008, 7:45

I've been listening to Blink 182 for 7-8 months now, (in detail) and all of their albums sport some classic pop punk songs. Even though I'm not a crazed listener liek I was 2-3 months ago, I thought I'd share my views on a possible top 10 countdown.
This list starts from 10 and works it way down.
(*NOTE* Live Renditions on TheMTTshow count as songs in conjunction with the originals)

10-Pathetic (Dude Ranch)
9-What's My Age Again (Enema of the State)
8-Anthem (Enema of the State)
7- Everytime I Look For You (ToPJ)
6- M&M's (Cheshire Cat)
5-Alien' Exist (Enema of the State)
4-Online Songs (ToPJ)
3-Anthem Part 2 (ToPJ)
2-Going Away To College (Enema of the State)

1- Mutt

now of course I could write paragraphs, about each song and why I like it, but Mutt is simply my favourite because it reminds me of me, and I AM in highschool what can I say.
Obivously not everyone will agree, but hopefully this list does the trick


  • MrEverall

    poo vagina ass boobs willy shit dick yeahhh

    Set 30 2009, 13:31
  • jazzzon

    you managed to leave off songs from the self titled album, best song tom and mark have ever written.

    Nov 13 2009, 2:38
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