Feb 6 2012, 8:23

Sooooo. I had a bit of an idea a couple of months ago while listening to Björk's new album Biophilia. Some of the songs have a bit of a thematic/mood similarity to some of her back catalogue. While listening to Hollow, I thought of Nature Is Ancient / My Snare.

Needless to say, I had a brainstorm about how to listen to the new album. I started to find other songs that matched the new songs and grouped them in my head. Ultimately, I decided to make a listening experience for myself called Triophilia. I'm just getting around to sharing the idea, (regardless of whether anyone reads this).

Sufficed to say, this is what I thought up to comprise a listening experience of 2½-ish hours of Björk. It comprises not only album versions of songs, but some alternate versions and remixes. (I also made a couple of my own edits/segues for a better flow/listening experience). Some of the themes are self-evident, I think. In places - I noted my thoughts with a *.

Triophilia (tracklist):
01. Moon
02. Aurora
03. Desired Constellation
01. Thunderbolt
02. Possibly Maybe *(electric shocks - I love them!)
03. Storm
Crystalline *(this was tricky)
01. Crystalline
02. Petrolatum *(for buildup/sharp beats)
03. All Neon Like *(luminosity/polygonal beats?)
01. Cosmogony
02. Oceania
03. New World
Dark Matter
01. Dark Matter (with Choir & Organ)
02. Cover Me (Cave Version) *(organ/similar mood)
03. Submarine *(similar mood)
01. Hollow (7 Minute Version with Beats)
02. Vertebræ by Vertebræ *(primitive roots - spine - body)
03. Nature Is Ancient / My Snare
01. Virus
02. Undo *(if you're bleeding, darling - undo)
03. Pneumonia
01. Sacrifice
02. 5 Years *(beats/relationships)
03. Sod Off *(crossing lines/relationships)
Mutual Core
01. Mutual Core
02. Hyperballad (Radio Edit) (Extended Version)
03. Jóga *(with elements of Jóga (Buzz Water Mix)
01. Solstice
02. Sun in My Mouth (Recomposed by Ensemble)
03. One Day (Debut Live Version) *(Biophilia live version works just as well, but I love this one more).


  • justmatornot

    what a clever way to listen to this, i'm totaly into this as well, i wasn't too much into Biophilia's Mood, but i decided to give it a chance, and now i'm just obcessed.

    Apr 19 2012, 0:35
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