overall top 10


Giu 25 2006, 3:30

after my player played 10.000 songs i decided to ask if there`s someone who has the same overall top 10 artists as mine..or just count how much you have and which are they:)

my overall top 10
The Kooks
Linkin Park
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Avril Lavigne
The Raconteurs
Tegan and Sara
The Postal Service


  • Mingus73

    I passed the 15K, and we share none of the artists you mention in my top 10. Except for Coldplay, who reach nr. 6 in my list. RHCP are no. 105, Linkin Park no 149 and Postal Service no. 110. My top 10 : Gorki Peter Gabriel Sufjan Stevens Athlete Genesis Coldplay Joe Henry dEUS Ben Harper Kate Bush

    Giu 25 2006, 6:29
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