• New All Star United - The Good Album

    Lug 16 2009, 17:32

    I just picked up the newest All Star United record called The Good Album, and I have to say that it lives up to its name completely. I can't stop listening to it, it's that addictive.

    The sound hearkens back to International Anthems for the Human Race (minus the horns) and their debut, with the lyrical wit that we all have come to expect from them. I wholly recommend this record.

    My favorite tracks include "Dude...That's Freaking Awesome!", "Good Times", "Surface Of The Sun" and "Once Again, With Feeling". Though really, there isn't a bad track on this entire disc.

    Snap this one up as soon as you can. It's freaking awesome! :)
  • Zeitgeist Review

    Lug 12 2007, 20:47

    I've been a Smashing Pumpkins fan for only a few years now. I sadly missed them during their heyday, and only discovered them through Zwan. So Zeitgeist is really my first "new" Pumpkins record. So keep this in mind when reading this review, as my hearing/opinions may be skewed a bit.

    I had heard all the early rumors of how Zeitgeist sounds like Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness and Siamese Dream. Tarantula kind of confirmed these rumors as it definitely had a throwback appeal. So you can imagine my surprise when I actually started listening to the record.

    First off, it's heavy. Probably the heaviest they've ever done. Second, Zeitgeist sounds more like... well, imagine Gish having a love child with Machina (I or II, take your pick), well the final result of that union would be very close to the new record.

    It's very aggressive, with tracks like United States(which reminds me of X.Y.U.) and 7 Shades of Black that just rock your heart out. Bring the Light and Starz reminds me a little of 80's style Queen (which sounds bad but it really isn't, the last half of Starz is awesome). There are a couple slower/soulful songs, such as Neverlost and Pomp and Circumstances, though I found these relatively weak when compared against other Pumpkin classics.

    I was looking forward to For God and Country after hearing it live on YouTube. Instead of hearing the gentle acoustic tune, I heard a spacey/techy type tune that reminded me a lot of The Future Embrace. It isn't a bad song by any means, but I do miss the live tune.

    The only song that I didn't really care for is That's the Way (My Love is). The guitar work is cool in the song, but the tune just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.

    The best song on the record is clearly United States. Jimmy is in the top of his form on the drums, and the intensity of the song is just overwhelming. The only thing missing on the song is the trademark Corgan growl, but at least he does that live. Either way, this song gives multiple music orgasms across the board.

    All in all, I give Zeitgeist a 4.3 out of 5 stars. And while it's not the best Pumpkins record I've ever heard by far, it is certainly the best cd I've heard all year. I hope this marks a whole new beginning for the band as the anemic Rock music scene desperately needs some creative infusion.
  • New Skillet Review

    Mar 1 2007, 21:24

    I recently received the new Skillet cd from a friend of mine for my birthday. I haven't been a long time Skillet fan, but I loved Collide and looked forward to their new one for quite some time. Well I thought I would share my thoughts on the record.

    My first thought after the first listen-through of the record was, "wow that was somewhat generic". I could only really pick out the first two tracks as being stand-outs. Collide was in your face rock, Comatose goes in the other direction. That isn't to say its devoid of rock, because it's not. It just sounds like they tried really hard to sound like everyone else. I've found most of the songs generic and formulaic. It's not a bad rock record, but I expected a lot more from them.

    They did do some things right on Comatose (that would've been great on Collide), namely Korey back on vocals and some more keyboard effects (short of techno, which is good). But overall, this record falls far short of what Collide was. It isn't bad, but I know they can do better.
  • And number 10,000 is....

    Dic 11 2006, 21:18

    Tonight, Tonight!. I don't have an all time favorite song, but if I did, this one would have the best shot of being it.

    I almost missed number 10,000 altogether though, just as I feared. I was listening to B.B. King, and on a whim, checked out last.fm, only to find that I was on 9,999. Talk about close.

    Well that's that. Next up, 15,000!
  • 10,000 today?

    Dic 11 2006, 16:54

    I just might hit 10,000 tracks played today! I'm trying to figure out which song should be that track. Actually I'll probably forget to keep an eye on the number and miss the 10,000 track altogether.