my favourite albums p2: 2001


Gen 28 2007, 10:52

So, now for 2001. The year I graduated from school, yay :) Also, after finding out how great music can be the year before, I started going to concerts this year. The first band I saw was Wheatus. Pretty lame, I know ^^ However, I went to other gigs later anyway, including a club gig of Green Day, which I still consider among the best concerts of my life. Apart from that I listened a lot to Die Ärzte, saw them live, and then later that year I first got into Weezer. They published all those demos that year in the internet, and I got them all ^^. I also registered at in december, which would have a major impact to the development of my musical taste, but more to that in the 2002 journal :P

Regarding music published in that year, 2001 sucked. OK, maybe I just don't know all the great albums, but from what I know, it's the worst year of the 2000's yet. Nevertheless, there were some noteworthy Pop Rock/Powerpop style records. Here are the 5 decent albums of the year, in alphabetical order:

Free All Angels
Very polished, surgar-sweet Pop Rock, but a lot of great songs. Some of the ballads get too cheesy even for me, though, especially Candy and Someday. Great where it gets to more Pop Punk influenced songs, like Burn Baby Burn or Walking Barefoot.

Endlich Urlaub!
First Solo Record of die Ärzte's Singer and guitarist. Very funny lyrics, mixture of surf rock and ska.

Bleed American
Self titled by now, I know. The death stroke to Emo as a well-defined musical genre (together with Dashboard Confessionals The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most), but as a Pop Rock Album I like it, a lot of good songs on it.

Take Offs and Landings
This is the kind of cheesy music I dig... basically just acoustic stuff with jennys oh-so-sweet voice. Probably my Album of the Year, though basically due to a lack of competition ;)

Weezer (Green Album)
The outcome of Rivers generic songwriting efforts of that time, except for Island in the sun and Hash Pipe, both older songs, every track sounds like the other. Great to listen to while sunbathing at the beach, however.

Apart from that, not much interesting music that i know of... Blow In The Wind is fun, an album of punk covers of 60's bands, that I'd say is the highlight of the Gimme gimmes efforts, Origin of Symmetry has some great songs but too much guitar jamming for my taste. Oh, and The Shins published their first album, however apart from the mind blowing New Slang and Caring is Creepy and Know Your Onion it's not that good. The follow-up is way better, I tink.


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