Bad Taste


Feb 28 2006, 22:06

For some reason, this morning iTunes has thrown up a surprisingly large number of bad-taste tracks. Maybe it's having an irreverent moment. Anyways, here are a few poliically incorrect musical moments:

250 FFM. Deja Voodoo are well known locally for being basically a piss-take band (with such hits as "Your Boyfriend Sucks"). This track is rather more inflammatory than their normal repertoire, however - the ffm in the title stands for Flat Fire Men. You can probably guess which September event the song is about. These guys would probably talk it up, and suggest that the song is an attempt to illustrate the psyche of a deranged al Qaeda terrorist. But really, I think it's more likely to be them just trying to piss as many people off as humanly possible.

God Played Trash Can. Another local band, Head Like a Hole mysteriously disappeared four or five years ago. However, they managed to include one of the best-titled songs ever as a b-side to the Hootenanny single. It's not really bad taste I suppose - unless of course you're a devout christian.

Lever. Not the album version, but the live version from Faraway Stables. After 7 or 8 minutes of jamming, Daniel Johns proceeds to tell a story to music of how he was bored so he phoned up his 'friend' to get a 'maximising pill' that looked like a 'strawberry'. Of course, maybe he just really likes fruit. And his friend owns an orchard.

Big Dumb Sex. Easily one of the most amusing choruses ever. I miss these guys. But given that rumours already abound that Alice in Chains are reforming, as are the Smashing Pumpkins, you never know.

911 Is a Joke. Because you can't have a list of irreverent tracks without at least one Public Enemy track. This was one of their more targetted pieces of social criticism.

Fuck All Y'All. Not exactly targeted social criticms of the political type, this track was pure 'screw you Chad Kroeger'. The Nickelback frontman screwed Josey Scott out of royalties earned on "Hero" (from Spider-man) - to the point where Josey didn't even earn enough to cover his flights and accomodation incurred recording the track. Hence this rather blatant "screw you right back".


  • MrModernRock

    Big Dumb Sex was more of a satire than a political incorrect song. But yes, one of the best choruses ever, lol. And about Soundgarden reforming, it will most likely never happen. I believe Chris's ego was too big for the rest of the guys to deal with. Plus, Matt Cameron is on full-time with Pearl Jam and he's having fun.

    Feb 28 2006, 22:27
  • MrModernRock

    I'm not sure. I believe Soundgarden (at least early Soundgarden) was Cornell's vehicle more than the rest of the band members'. Looking at Cornell's career, he has evolved by leaps and bounds and it really isn't surprising that everything he has done is different from his previous work. His work on Temple of the Dog is completely out of left field when compared to his previous work with Soundgarden, then of course the leap from Badmotorfinger to Superunknown, which IMO is where Ben and Matt started to take a bigger part in the band. Then Cornell's solo album, again, out of left field. But yeah, I just want to see Kim Thayil play the guitar.

    Mar 1 2006, 3:45
  • MrModernRock

    Audioslave, IMO, needs a rhythm guitarist which would inable Morello to just go off and fool around.

    Mar 1 2006, 4:05
  • MrModernRock

    [quote]What I think Audioslave need to do is take some serious drugs and get a bit more....abstract ;)[/quote] Well, I'll be damned. Thats the very same suggestion I made today, lol. Except I suggested the guys should hit the leaf and find some inspiration, lol.

    Mar 1 2006, 4:16
  • m0rph3us

    Yeah Audioslave are distinctively MOR at the moment. The party line with Soundgarden's break-up was always that there were 'creative tensions' or whatever. Realistically I think that means Chris got a bit fed-up with the others wanting to have greater creative input. Matt and Ben had already done a ton of their own stuff with Hater of course, and the Wellwater Conspiracy too. And now with Pearl Jam, Matt has already contributed a couple of tracks (including the throughly decent Evacuation). Of course, Kim always just wanted to play guitar. He's flown under the radar a bit since the split, apparently he's spending most of his time as a session musician. But boy can that man play guitar. I still remember the first time I heard the solo in Rhinosaur.

    Mar 1 2006, 4:16
  • MrModernRock

    Since you know of Wellwater Conspiracy and have been keeping up with Kim, you know Kim appeared on Wellwater Conspiracy's [b]The Scroll and Its Combinations[/b]. He plays guitar on two tracks. Hell, even Vedder is on there. Great album. But I agree about Thayil. He flew under the radar because A) He didn't jam like McCready and Gossard and B) He didn't have as much creative control as Jerry Cantrell. I think his riffs are wonderful, but since his solos don't really stand out he gets shuffled out.

    Mar 1 2006, 4:21
  • m0rph3us

    Actually I didn't realise that =P I have heard the odd Wellwater Conspiracy track but haven't listened to them as much as I possibly should have. I think Thayil might also have played on several tracks from Dave Grohl's Probot album. His style is pretty much perfect for that - some thunderous riffs but overall the lead guitar never really takes centre-stage.

    Mar 1 2006, 4:29
  • m0rph3us

    Anyways I am going to friend both of you because you have mad good music taste.

    Mar 1 2006, 4:30
  • MrModernRock

    Speaking of AiC reforming, I don't know how its possible without Layne. I mean, without that voice, it isn't the same. Its like The Who without Keith Moon or Pink Floyd without Roger Waters, it just doesn't make any sense continuing under the same name.

    Mar 1 2006, 4:40
  • m0rph3us

    Yeah I agree entirely. Layne - and to a lesser extent the ridiculously eerie vocal duets of Layne and Jerry - was essential to AIC. Jerry has kinda hinted in some of the interviews that they might not necessarily continue as AIC, they are basically just getting back together to play some of the songs and see what happens. They've talked about using the former singer for Damageplan, Pat Lachman, but at the end of the day, I don't really see how it could work.

    Mar 1 2006, 4:46
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