For Top 20 Artists


Ago 20 2008, 2:55

For Top 20 artists

1. Placebo
First song you heard: Pure Morning
Favourite song: Impossible to choose.
Favourite album: Black Market Music
Accuracy: Pretty accurate. Love them. If at all possible, they should be higher! :P

2. Gazette
First song you heard: [track artist=]Cassis[/track]
Favourite song: Sugar Pain
Favourite album: Nil
Accuracy: Not very. I hardly listen to them anymore, but damn, back in the day I love love loved them enough.

First song you heard: SUMMER TIME
Favourite song: Too many.
Favourite album: pacific
Accuracy: Should be number 1, as of late.

4. HorrorPops
First song you heard: Freaks in Uniforms
Favourite song: You VS Me
Favourite album: Bring It On!
Accuracy: Pretty accurate, even though I don't listen to them much lately.

5. Hyde
First song you heard: Hello
Favourite song: OASIS
Favourite album: 666
Accuracy: Not at all. I haven't listened to him in almost... a year and a half.

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers
First song you heard: Scar Tissue
Favourite song: I'm pretty much in love with all of their recent stuff, starting from the Californication album.
Favourite album: Californication and Stadium Arcadium
Accuracy: Sound about right.

First song you heard: Um... SIGNAL
Favourite song: MESSAGE FOR YOU
Favourite album: cartoon KAT-TUN II You
Accuracy: Bout right.

8. Celldweller
First song you heard: Switchback
Favourite song: Unlikely (Stay With Me)
Favourite album: Celldweller
Accuracy: Maybe a bit lower? No, I think this is about right.

9. L'Arc~en~Ciel
First song you heard: READY STEADY GO
Favourite song: I don't even know.
Favourite album: Any of the best ofs
Accuracy: So inaccurate. Haven't listened to them in forever.

10. Porcelain and The Tramps
First song you heard: Sugar Cube
Favourite song: ALL OF THEM.
Favourite album: She doesn't have an album :(
Accuracy: Should be much much higher!

11. Jack Off Jill
First song you heard: Strawberry Gashes
Favourite song: All of them?
Favourite album: Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers
Accuracy: Maybe a little higher.

12. Karma-Shenjing
First song you heard: rinne
Favourite song: All of them.
Favourite album: 流転輪廻-Ruten Rinne-
Accuracy: I'd think they should be a little lower.

13. Air
First song you heard: Sexy Boy
Favourite song: La femme d'argent
Favourite album: Moon Safari
Accuracy: Should be much much higher, haha.

14. Olivia
First song you heard: Blind Unicorn
Favourite song: Fake Flowers
Favourite album: The Lost Lolli
Accuracy: Bout right.

15. Moby
First song you heard: Natural Blues
Favourite song: Extreme Ways; Southside
Favourite album: Play
Accuracy: Should be a lot lower.

16. Crazy Town
First song you heard: Butterfly
Favourite song: Skulls and Stars
Favourite album: Darkhorse
Accuracy: Wow, have I listened to them that much?

First song you heard: I can't even remember.
Favourite song: Merciless Cult, Kodou
Favourite album: Withering to death
Accuracy: Should be lower.

18. Blaqk Audio
First song you heard: Stiff Kittens
Favourite song: Wake up, Open the Door, and Escape to the Sea
Favourite album: CexCells
Accuracy: Should be lower.

First song you heard: 21 Seikigata Koushinkyoku
Favourite song: Jibun kakumei
Favourite album: Galyuu
Accuracy: Should be completely out of here. I haven't listened to Miyavi in so so long! Even longer than Laruku.

20. Kill Hannah
First song you heard: Kennedy
Favourite song: Big Shot
Favourite album: American Jet Set
Accuracy: Should be lower.


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