• Review: Stephen Stills - "Stephen Stills" (1970)

    Mar 13 2009, 20:20

    Rating: 3/5 stars

    4.5 stars, AMG? Rly?

    Once, when I was playing Final Fantasy IX, my brother said, "These graphics are so OK." That is pretty much how I feel about this album.

    For an album to be great and not just good, it needs to be more than the sum of its parts. Sure, a great album will have many great songs on it, but a few weaker songs can be excused if the album has a good feel, flow or other positive qualities.

    This album is less than the sum of its parts. It boasts some of the best guest musicians out there at the same time (omgz, jimmy hendricks and erik klapton on teh smae album!!!1111one) and is chock-full of background choir singers, guitar workouts and the kitchen sink, and sprawls all over the map with everything between the genres of folk and rock.

    So what could possibly go wrong? Well, it could be full of dull songs. And is. The best song on here is clearly Do For The Others, since it is catchy, has some nice hooky guitar parts in it, and is well played and sung. It is one of the few songs not packed with overdone choir singers, solos, etc. Even the ones that ARE overdone but are good songs, like Love The One You're With, are excusable. But it's the dull, overdone songs that just don't work for me. And having too many of those is essentially what drags down the score of this album.

    In the end, this album is just good and not great. I can't believe it outsold After the Gold Rush back when they were both released. Oh well. I think we all know who's had the last laugh there.