Ledisi mentioned me in an interview!!


Nov 4 2007, 14:43

Yeah I'm a Ledisi groupie but so what! lol


Middlechild: Well I'm glad you did this. (Ledisi laughs). I gotta shout out my forum member Kirk because for a few weeks before I even heard your single "Alright", he was pushing for you and letting us know we need to check you out. So finally I listened and was like "wait a minute, he might be up to something".

Ledisi: Well you know I always say it takes one person to believe in something and spread it out, so tell Kirk thank you so much for that. For spreading the word.

Middlechild: I will definitely do that.

Complete interview at http://www.middlechildpromotions.com/interviews.html


  • catchafire1980

    im happy for u to be recognized ;) and enjoyed the interview too. a week away from Ledisi shows and im excited! -catchafire, ledisi groupie Japanese branch lol

    Nov 6 2007, 6:21
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