• NAUGHTY LAST FM! Don't cancel our radio stations!

    Nov 15 2010, 15:40

    This is what it says on their site:

    So What's Changing at Last.fm?
    The following subscriber-only radio stations will no longer be available:

    Loved Tracks Radio: streaming your list of loved tracks

    Playlists: streaming a list of tracks you've chosen for a playlist

    Personal Tag Radio: streaming a list of artists, albums or tracks that you have tagged

    This is only reason I use Last.FM and it stinks to take away the stations we've spent hours building up!

    Anyone else cheesed off by this?
  • Another evocative, etherial Faithless classic

    Gen 27 2006, 1:03

    There's something about the combination of Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss that can catch you unawares and transport you through time to a poignant moment in your life.

    It was true of "The Garden", "Salva Mea" and "Bring My Familiy Back" - soon as you hear "Pastoral" a shivver goes down your spine and off you go on that inner personal journey to a special place.

    Congratualtions to Faithless for this beautiful piece of music - as the only lyric in the tune says; "Everything WILL be alright tomorrow"

    For more tunes like this check out the tag "updowntempo"
  • Sums up a certain mood

    Gen 26 2006, 12:11

    Have loved many Massive Attack tracks before but this one has to take the prize. Moody, meaningful, menacing even. Gets you thinking and cant stop thinking about it. Top marks to MA for this evocative track - featured big style on my new tag station:


    Check it out