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Ago 4 2008, 10:23

Instead of making a list of picking songs for my very own soundtrack I will make a list for birth songs suitable for everyone. The intention of the last list was to make people cry resp. feeling sad or thoughtfully. This time it is more complicated because birth is the opposite of death and has a lot of facets. New life is created at the peak of all emotional feelings - love. So picking a song for a child's birth also has to be a reference to the love of his or her parents. But then again bearing a child and finally bringing it to life is a very painful affair and is sometimes overshadowed by not wanting the baby at all or deciding to have the baby though it was not created in love but by rape. So instead of making one list I will divide the songs in two categories each featuring five songs. I'll start with the woeful songs first.

List 1

1) Come Wander With Me - Jeff Alexander
The lyrics are beautiful and the melody almost perfectly woven und sung by a women. I would interpret the lyrics as something the mother did experience. I will say no more but leave the rest up to you.

2) Fitter Happier - Radiohead
Through the synthetic voice this song evolves in a cosmic way creating a great emotional intensity. This paradoxon (computer vs. emotion) could be seen as the paradoxon of children's birth vs. mother's emotional death.

3) Society - Eddie Vedder
This song has a melancholic tone with clear lyrics. It could be used for any standarstandard corny-but-not-too-corny drama movie. It should work with the pictures.

4) The Fear - Travis
The movie starts with this song, the screen turns from black to a big blur showing the going on of a rape in the background. In the foreground the credits appear. Sometimes in between the credits a short scene flashes in showing what's really happening. The screams and the noises cannot be heard. It's only the music.

5) The Seer's Tower - Sufjan Stevens
" In the tower above the earth,
There is a view that reaches far
Where we see the universe,
I see the fire, I see the end.

Seven miles above the earth,
There is Emmanuel of mothers.
With his sword, with his robe,
He comes dividing man from brothers.

In the tower above the earth, we built it for Emmanuel.
In the powers of the earth, we wait until it rips and rips.
In the tower above the earth, we built it for Emmanuel.
Oh my mother, she betrayed us, but my father loved and bathed us.

Still I go to the deepest grave,
Where I go to sleep alone "

Need I say more?

Bonus Track:
Nude (Spor Remix) - Radiohead

Now draw a deep breath ... and let's get over to the light side of birth.

List 2

1) Dumb - Nirvana
Think I'm just happy. Maybe you're right but you do not know what awaits you. The perfect song for kids being born in the late 80ies and early 90ies refering to the time they were born in as well as to their parents.

2) Nowhere to Run - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
A hippie / easy-going song refering to relationship-related problems which in this case shows the problem the parents have. So it's a nice feel-good song with a deeper meaning in the lyrics.

I'm sorry in advance for picking the following song but it just had to be so please don't stone me.

3) Super Trouper - ABBA
This would be my song. My parents were / still are fans of ABBA. Ok, not really fans but they've grown up with them and I wanted to bring a little bit of fun in here. So excuse me for I have to go and shame on myself...


Instrumentals are always fitting for soundtracks so here are two for you. They really don't need any explanation.

4) Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane

5) Ramparts - John Frusciante

So that's it. If you are planning to have kids play one of these songs in the hospital and make life your movie.
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