Giu 30 2006, 18:11

I can't believe I've ignored this band for so long.

Officially addicted; I'd be interested to see how many of their songs I've played this week...

Any other h00ge fans out there?

Also rumours of a regrouping and a new album in 2007; likely or not?



  • Mythran

    The first album is fkin awesome, no other hardcore/emo album comes even close.

    Giu 30 2006, 19:05
  • imalloru

    glassjaw is pretty great. I haven't actually listened to them in a while, so I may have to do so in the near future. Ive also heard these rumors of an album in 2007. Daryl mentioned it in the lastest issue of alternative press.

    Giu 30 2006, 20:46
  • blackmarketbaby

    Good chance. The band actually made some demos and may change the # of guitars, etc. Nice how Daryl is finding the strength to record and tour for HA but not GJ!

    Lug 1 2006, 1:46
  • BionicChronic

    [b]I seen'em open for Deftones in 2000.They both kicked butt it was a great show!I got to meet Daryl and Chino![/b]

    Ago 24 2006, 6:27
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