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Giu 25 2006, 15:31

So the other day I went with some friends to see the Jack Black creation "Nacho Libre." The movie was ok, amusing in some parts, but I absolutly adored the soundtrack. A quick Google search told me that Paramount was not planning on releasing an "official" soundtrack. I am pretty disapointed; the movie featured several new songs from Beck, so there would definetly be a market for it.

With more research I found that the rest of the soundrack included work from several Mexican bands: Los Lobos[/artist}, Caetano Veloso, Esquivel, Gil Gilberto, and several songs from Mr. Loco. Apparently, Beck recomended the latter to the producers after picking up his CD for a dollar in Mexico City. Oh, Beck.

The problem is that I can't find many of his(Mr. Loco's)songs anywhere. The song that kind of served as Nacho's theme song in the film, "Religious Man," is available on Mr. Loco's MySpace page, but that's the only one (he does not have a thingie, apparently). It's also pretty readily avaiable on LimeWire if you want to be sneaky about it, or just simply hate MySpace with all of your heart.

If anyone knows where I might download (or even purchase!) any Mr. Loco songs, I would be forever in your debt. And someone must know where to download the new Beck songs... geez you guys.

In return for your favors, I will list the songs that appeared in the movie below, linking where I can...

"Religious Man" - Mr. Loco*
"Bubblegum" - Mr. Loco
"Mr. Loco" - Mr. Loco
"Papas" - Mr. Loco
"Saint Behind Glass" - Los Lobos*
"Mucha Macumba" - Esquivel *
"Bat Macumba" - Gil Gilberto*

And the elusive songs by Mr. Hansen:
"Holy Man"
"Return of the Luchador"
"My Heart is With the Children"
"10,000 Pesos"
"Tender Beast of the Spangled Night"
"There is No Place For Me in This World"

* Found on LimeWire

Thanks in advance for all of your help getting these tracks!

P.S. Anyone who works for Paramount Pictures, if for some reason you're reading this, PUT OUT THE SOUNDTRACK! I will buy it! People will buy it! You will make money! And if not, at least I will be happy... that's good enough, right?


  • lostinthefound

    I might just be really dumb, (most likely) but I can't seem to find anything about the Nacho Libre soundtrack on that website. What did you put in for the search? Or maybe you could just link the page...? Thanks so much!

    Giu 25 2006, 16:48
  • lostinthefound

    Thank you all so much!

    Giu 25 2006, 22:28
  • lostinthefound

    P.S. The songs that I do have are EXELLENT. You should definetly try to get your hands on them. If you IM me on aim (I'm godsinthekitchen) I can try to send you the tracks that-a-way. If you want to send me viruses and shit though, that wouldn't be so cool.

    Giu 26 2006, 0:14
  • IamDeathRobot

    mm, the soundtrack for greys anatomy is pretty good

    Lug 3 2006, 0:46
  • mr_orange_ringo

    Actually, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil (not Gil Gilberto) are Brazilian, not Mexican. I also heard that Os Mutantes were in the movie too. I don't know why they used so many Brazilian bands in a movie that supposedly takes place in Mexico!

    Lug 3 2006, 3:52
  • lostinthefound

    Yeah, I just assumed they were Mexican because, well, the movie does take place in Mexico. Silly me!

    Lug 3 2006, 21:07
  • akutou-san

    I've just seen the movie ahora amigos! and i think it was a great movie, amazon says the soundtrack will be released october 31st. cant wait for it muchachos! nachoooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooo....

    Ott 15 2006, 5:58
  • lostinthefound

    Woah, cool! I will definetly be buying it.

    Ott 26 2006, 3:04
  • garzabiomusic

    GREAT NEWS FOR MR. LOCO'S FANS In the next two weeks there will be new music from Mr. Loco group Check the web page

    Mar 15 2007, 18:12
  • MrLocoBand

    Mr. Loco wants to thank every one behind Nacho Libre movie for choosing Mr. Loco's music, and for bringing us back. We also want to thank all the people who have been searching for our music, this has motivated us to creat more music. We have a new album coming soon, meanwhile we want to tell you that there's already a NEW single called NACHO LIBRE Look for it and a Video called Cancun Moon you can see it at youtube. From Mexico, with love, Mr.Loco

    Apr 6 2007, 18:36
  • MrLocoBand

    There is no way to peace. Peace is the way, Mahatma Gandhi PEACE IS THE WAY challenges each of us to take the next leap in personal evolution. Music can be one of the ways. Enjoy music that makes you feel in peace w/ yourself. [b]Now, You can look for and DOWNLOAD Mr. Loco's soundtracks from NACHO LIBRE the movie and MUCH MORE HOT music at [/b] Do not forget to share w/ friends & BE HAPPY! From Mexico w/ Love Mr. Loco / Mr. Loco Band

    Lug 12 2007, 16:48
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