• SOAD.....?nipple....................?

    Nov 16 2006, 16:19

    Ever pierced your nipple while listening to system? It's crazy and I'm so sore....It's not a good idea. LOVE
  • damn

    Ott 26 2006, 15:25

    I'm supposed to come up with a cool job and make a powerpoint presentation about it...but I think i'd rather be listening to music & talking 2 ppl.....*sigh* I'm bored either way and i guess i need some ideas of cool jobs (not a fucking pornstar though)
  • flyleaf

    Ott 25 2006, 14:48

    I've had this song in my head forever

    flyleaf- fully alive

    and after i saw them live I don't like them as much
  • yeah

    Ott 24 2006, 14:59

    this has gotta be the The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, an alternative rock/post-hardcore band with touches of screamo, pop-punk, and metal, was originally formed in 2003 in Middleburg, Florida. For about 18 months the band members wrote and rehearsed with no real intentions of performing or recording anything, however the attention they were gaining was undeniable. The band caught the ear of local recording studio, Vision Sounds, and quickly began recording their first EP, Kins and Carrol. Through diligent self-promotion and endless booking, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus developed a stronghold on the local music scene, selling out venues throughout the area. Upon enlisting the help of two fans turned friends, Kara Fine and Bernadette Rillorta, the band's website was properly developed and a strong local street team was established. The band made a connection with industry trade publication, Kings of A&R, and the band began buzzing through the music business as multiple labels considered taking on the young band. Although movement was slow within the industry, RJA went back into the studio to record their second Demo EP Ass Shaker/Justify/Face Down. Some members of the original line-up exited the band because record companies wouldn’t sign RJA while they were in the band, and they wanted what was good for the band. Guitarist/vocalist Elias Reidy was added to the group and in came A&R Executive / Manager Steve Tramposch from New York with an ear and a vision.

    More band members either exited or were asked to leave the group and the three remaining members, vocalist Ronnie Winter, guitarist Duke Kitchens and guitarist/vocalist Elias Reidy began rebuilding The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, soon completing the current quintet with the addition of bassist Joey Westwood and drummer Jon Wilkes. Reidy and Westwood were childhood friends and had also previously played together in a metal band called In Fate's Hands. With Tramposch behind the machine, the band were soon offered contracts from a number a labels, major and Indie alike, ultimately signing with Virgin Records and it's new President, Jason Flom in late November, 2005. They entered the studio with producer David Bendeth (of Hawthorne Heights, and Breaking Benjamin), and in 2005 The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus began creating their debut full-length. The resulting Don't You Fake It was released in July 2006, and most of that summer was spent on the road, including the Warped Tour. The band has also received publicity on MTV, including MTV's Discover and Download, and their song In Fate's Hands landed a spot on the coveted Madden 2007 Soundtrack. Face Down was also used as the theme for the finals in the 2006 WWE Diva Search. The band is currently not sure what their next single will be. In a recent MTV interview RJA guitarist Elias said that if the band had it their way the song "Atrophy" would be their next single. No news has been announced on whether or not this is true.
    The best fucking band EVER!
  • same group (new)

    Ott 24 2006, 14:51

    plz join my fucking group

    I'll be ur friend, or I will never talk to you whatever you want. Just join my group

    I only have 3 members and it seems pretty DEAD if you ask me
  • new group

    Ott 23 2006, 15:11

    hey...i just started a group, if you're 'differant' PLZ join it!!! I'm currently the only member. It's called Paint Yourself Petty
  • *sigh*

    Ott 20 2006, 14:28

    not that anybody should even as much as care, but today sucks. Does anyone else feel so fragile that even holding a small book drags you down, b/c that's how i feel right now. Yea, i guess i'm pretty bored..........A Song For A Broken Heart
  • ............

    Ott 19 2006, 15:10

    waiting in the rain for 20 mins x-tra isn't the ideal day I expected after a night like last night #_#Last Song