Bayside/Anberlin Concert Review


Mar 3 2007, 18:02

I saw Anberlin, Bayside, Meg & Dia, and Jonezetta at the Metro last night. It was a pretty good show. Jonezetta kicked things off, which kind of annoyed me because my friends and I walked in late thinking it wouldn't be a big deal to miss much of Meg & Dia...only they played second. Oops. I think we still saw most of the set anyway, though. They sounded pretty good live. The bassist is pretty nuts. He's a big dude.

Meg & Dia weren't that bad either. The music is pretty formulaic - there's nothing really noteworthy about it. But Dia's got a really good voice. It was a pleasant surprise, and I'll probably go ahead and download some of their stuff sometime because hey, whatever.

was Incredible. I've been getting into them more lately, and I was pretty pumped to see them, but nothing prepared me for how good they are live. The guitarist is a little nuts. I wish I had a picture of some of his facial expressions. They'd be good pics, too - I was like five feet from the guy. The crowd was pretty nuts - apparently, Bayside fans have labeled themselves a cult. Pretentious? Yeah. True? I'd probably say that as well. Regardless, Bayside rocks. That show vaulted them into my top ten.

Anberlin closed things out. I was actually a little disappointed with them. First off, I had no idea how much of a fairy Stephen Christian is. Their first two songs were pretty rough as well. I guess Stephen's mic wasn't working for the first twenty seconds of the first song or something, and then when it kicked in he got confused and it took a little while for things to settle down. Regardless, I was also a little disappointed with how his voice sounded live. It was much less distinctive - he sounded like pretty much every hardcore crooner out there. But it got better near the end, and when they played Dismantle.Repair. it was just freaking awesome. I love that song. A lot.


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