Frail Walls Number 1! FWP001: Reaching./ Wolverine Carcass split CDr!


Gen 13 2009, 23:31

Hello boys and gir-...who am I kidding?

Hello boys.

This is the latest (and technically first official) release from Frail Walls Productions. The image above is a pile of delicious syrupy smelling slabs of plastic, all of which contain the latest and greatest content from artists that prefer the medium of sound, going by the names of Reaching. and Wolverine Carcass. Only 25 hand numbered copies of these babies exist on the planet Earth, other planets and dimensions may have them, but it's a longshot. You are quite welcome to hop into your inter-dimensional portal and search around for a copy, or you can get one here, fast, while the gettings good.

"Musically" the artists have offered up 7 tracks of goodness. Reaching. has taken a step back from his harsh noise loop-ditty-loops and sat back and layed down some pure electronic drones, soothing to the ear and body, but torturous to the mind (in the best way possible of course). Wolverine Carcass, on the other hand, spent his Christmas Eve this year, not with friends and family, but instead with his pedal collection and amplifiers laying down slow burning feedback and mad blasts of distortion; all delicately layered with frostbitten vocals of the damned (or some other cliched description of stupid screams). Some may call it Noise, some may call it Power Electronics, but most will call it "it sounds like a person losing their mind". They'd all be correct. The artists take turns laying down tracks until one of them wins. Or some shit like that.

These 25 discs of doom are handsomely sandwiched between 2 professionally photocopied inserts, one being the artwork (by the illustrious Evan Craig) that has been damaged and reworked into 8 different (collectable) junk art collages in loving tribute to RRRecords art (which we at FWP owe a great deal to in terms of influence). And then the original art in it's original form so you can actually read the linear notes. All of this was hurriedly stuffed into a plastic sleeve and shoddily taped closed.

One of the covers in detail:

These jewels of the internet CDr trading age can be yours for the low, low price of $6 (US dollars of course) postage paid in the USA, and $8 post paid for the rest of the world.

The money can be send to me via paypal. the address is . SEND IT NOW! or you can send me real money, though you wouldn't be supporting the new world order by doing such a silly thing. But my snail mail address can be obtained by sending me a message.

Bands/Labels/Distros: trades are welcome in most cases. Get in touch.

also available from Frail Walls Productions!:
FWP000:Apocolyptic Youth - Santa's Got Our Back CDr
FWP-001:Agathocles/J. Briglia, L. Butler, D. Schoonmaker, J. Williams split 7"

and Wolverine Carcass:
Wolverine Carcass/Fuck, The Retarded Girl split CDr (numbered out of 60)

and Frail Wal-Mart is now open! (sorry this had to be done)

Cattle Decapitation - Humanure 2xLP (orange marble)
Full Blown AIDS - Leech 12" $5 (the cover got ripped in the mail, hence the low price)
Hangnail/Sounds Like Shit split 12"
Kent Brockman/Edora split 12"
Wicked King Wicker - s/t LP

Agathocles/Gorgonized Dorks split (blue vinyl)
Breed - s/t
Embalming Theater/XXX Maniak split (purple marble)
Fetus Eaters/Maggot Colony split (grey marble)
From The Ashes - Heading For Dystopia
Gauze - s/t (used)
Irritate - Driven
Massgrav/Widespread Bloodshed - Pick Your Queen split
MESERINE - Shot To Death (purple vinyl)
No Connection - Second To None (baby blue)
Sloth/Minch split
Terrorism - Atrocities Of Reality
Unholy Grave - Unholy Bastards EP
Unholy Grave - Raw Slaughter EP
Warsore/2 Minuta Dreka split

Hirax - Assassins Of War
Kerenaneko/SMG/Parkinson split
Merzbow - Verenology
Merzbow - Frog 2xCD
Zarach Baal Tharagh/ego death - Acid Music split CDr (numbered out of 20)

I think that covers everything in the obligatory promotional blog. oh wait! random links!
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  • surgeofevan

    AWESOME. turned out beautifully. Also, set aside the Unholy Grave 7's and Verenology disc, I'll scrounge up some stuff to trade/money to get to you for them

    Gen 14 2009, 6:30
  • AxemRangers

    oh cool are you planning on doing more splits like this 8)

    Gen 14 2009, 7:17
  • Aurist-

    [quote]Hello boys.[/quote] :P

    Gen 14 2009, 8:16
  • ArcH13

    Oooo I want one. I also want Agathocles/Gorgonized Dorks split (blue vinyl)! Can I trade for something/s?

    Gen 14 2009, 13:32
  • logbut

    evan: i'd prefer cash for distro stuff...but if you have something really cool i'll trade. axemrangers: i'm definitely going to do more splits and whatnot. i also want to put out vinyl soon, it's just putting out a record that warrants pressing 100 copies.

    Gen 14 2009, 13:36
  • sxesven

    looks really great, will be getting a copy from evan!

    Gen 14 2009, 13:52
  • AxemRangers

    logbut if you wanna do something together ever let me know 8)

    Gen 14 2009, 16:21
  • surgeofevan

    logbut: how much would it be total for the two 7's and the CD?

    Gen 14 2009, 18:51
  • logbut

    axem: sure man that'd be great!

    Gen 14 2009, 22:52
  • sxesven


    Gen 15 2009, 13:36
  • logbut

    lol ilovecharts. do you want a CD?

    Gen 15 2009, 22:45
  • AxemRangers

    iloveiloveilovecharts one

    Gen 16 2009, 17:34
  • logbut


    Gen 17 2009, 2:50
  • logbut


    Gen 18 2009, 14:25
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