• my favorites of 2013

    Dic 14 2013, 21:17

    I'm bad at ranking things so I'm just going to list all the albums I enjoyed this year. A lot of the time I don't have anything original to say, sorry.

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away

    I don't know how to describe this, at all... but fortunately I don't need to, because Nick Cave's been around for quite a while so he has his own distinct sound anyway. Amazing. Cringe-worthy lyrics, though.

    Psychic Ills - One Track Mind

    At one point I thought this was the coolest thing ever, but then I started reading reviews of it and everyone was saying it's just a TBJM ripoff, so I listened to TBJM and now I kinda agree. But it's still good stuff.

    This Town Needs Guns -

    My music habits would predict I wouldn't like this, but this is one of the best things I've ever heard. I also like exaggerating for dramatic effect.

    KEN mode - Entrench

    KEN mode is awesome and so is their new album. Really really awesome.

    SubRosa - More Constant than the Gods

    Took me a couple listens to warm up to it - much like their previous album, actually - but I can now say that it is FANTASTIC. SubRosa does no wrong, yo.

    Chelsea Wolfe - Pain is Beauty

    She still retains her whole gothic aesthetic, but eschews the 'doomy folk' sound for a chilling, yet dreamy darkwave vibe. Love this.

    Implodes - Recurring Dream

    Strictly speaking, it's not 'beautiful,' and yet everything about this is GOREGOUS.

    Pop. 1280 - Imps of Perversion

    Gritty rat-sewer punk.

    Deafheaven - Sunbather

    This album is great and I'm really proud of these guys, but goddammit if I see this on another year-end list (much less TOP it) I'm gonna blow up. I swear it.

    EDIT: I lied.

    Retox - YPPL

    <3 Retox.

    Woe - Withdrawal

    Hands-down the best black metal I've heard all year, from my favorite black metal band ever. (It's not their best album, though.)

    Pinkish Black - Razed to the Ground


    True Widow - Circumambulation

    <3 True Widow.

    Children of God - We Set Fire to the Sky

    Oh lord. Oh FUCK.

    Whores -Clean

    I'm not sure if this is considered an EP, but it's six songs of kick-ass sludgy noise rock.

    Inter Arma - Sky Burial

    What an improvement over their first album. It's a cliched word but the first thing I think of when listening to this album is "triumphant." blackened Neurosis riffage all around.

    Holograms - Forever

    I remember the first album being a lot better, but I do really like "Meditations" and "A Blaze on a Hillside."
    "Laughter Breaks the Silence" and "Flesh and Bone" are also schweet.

    Young Hunter - Embers at the Foot of Dark Mountain (EP)

    <3 Young Hunter. Laid-back desert doom rock that reminds me of Subrosa at times.

    Cloud Rat - Moksha


    Föllakzoid - II

    Modern krautrock-y grooves. SO, so good.

    Disappears - Era

    I'm shocked I haven't seen this on any lists this year. It's fucking great.

    The Body - Christs, Redeemers/Master, We Perish

    I haven't heard music this misanthropic and soul-crushingly heavy since Dragged Into Sunlight. Fuck.

    Beach Fossils - Clash the Truth

    Okay, after second thought, they don't sound THAT distinct... they're just a much better DIIV. And I don't really hear the surf. And I think I may like their prior album better.

    Psychic Teens - Come

    I fucking love this.

    Elvis Depressedly - Holo Pleasures / Coma Cinema - Posthumous Release

    Both projects of Mat Cothran. He makes the sweetest indie-pop ever <3

    Wrekmeister Harmonies - You've Always Meant So Much to Me

    God, what a fucking trip this is. Imagine if The Necks released this instead of 'Open'? Well, I guess I'd understand if they skipped the doom section. Also, I don't think they have violins.

    Incendiary - Cost of Living

    I'd put a <3, but that doesn't seem appropriate with an ultra-masculine genre like this.

    Still Corners - Strange Pleasures

    This, on the other hand... <3<3<3

    Polvo - Siberia

    The second 'reunion' album from this legendary Chapel Hill math rock/noise rock band. (I haven't listened to the first one.) Really gratifying stuff here. The bookend tracks are the best.

    Palms - S/T

    I really like this one RYM review of this album: "It sounds like everyone here really likes to get stoned and listen to Disintegration." Though it does kinda sound like Isis meets Deftones if you enjoy simplifying things.

    Pity Sex - Feast of Love

    Style over substance here (the style being shoegaze-y emo), but the first four songs or so are really memorable.

    Odonis Odonis - Better (EP)

    I want to run around in circles and pace the floor and chug a 40 and then trip and fall into a puddle of my own vomit. Only then would I feel truly alive.

    Girls Against Boys - The Ghost List (EP)

    I like this quite a bit better than their earlier stuff.

    Ash Borer - Bloodlands (EP)

    Pretty lo-fi but very solid black metal. Lotta atmosphere.

    Noisem - Agony Defined

    Let me first say that I rarely listen to death metal and thrash anymore... but this amalgamation from Baltimore kicks ass. I like to describe it as if Slayer recorded 'Scream Bloody Gore' instead of Death, or if Revocation dropped the tech-doodley-wankery nonsense.

    Stephen Brodsky - Hit or Mystery (EP)

    I'm not the biggest Cave In fan but I've always loved Stephen Brodsky's solo material. (Plus, the dude is fucking gorgeous.) This new EP shines.

    Meek is Murder - Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters

    13 tracks in under 20 minutes. And three songs are over 3 minutes, so... yeah.

    Parquet Courts - Tally All the Things That You Broke

    Lovin' this new EP by this awesomely unique (sorta) indie-rock group.

    Fyrnask - Eldir Nott

    Uncompromising in its intensity but absolutely beautiful in its conception of human frailty (lol). Reminds me of Cobalt a bit, hmm.

    Hoax - S/T

    Hoax is the best hardcore band in the world. Opinion.


    Anicon - DEMO MMXIII

    very sargeist-y. these guys are going places.


    Need to re-listen [to solidify my opinion or give another shot]:
    Man's Gin - Rebellion Hymns
    Inquisition - Obscure Verses For the Multiverse
    Yuck - Glow and Behold
    No Age - An Object
    Corrections House - Last City Zero
    Pelican - Forever Becoming
    Girls Names - The New Life
    High Priest of Saturn - S/T
    Dreamdecay - N V N V N V
    Heiress - Early Frost
    The Black Angels - Indigo Meadow
    Mood Rings - Pathos y Lagrimas
    Grouper - The Man Who Died in His Boat
    Downpresser - Don't Need a Reason
    Kylesa - Ultraviolet
    Destruction Unit - Deep Trip AND Void
    Oathbreaker - Eros/Anteros
    Grayceon - Pearl and the End of Days
    Jesu - Everyday I get closer to the light from which I came
    Lust for Youth - perfect view
    WAKE - false
    demon lung - the hundredth name
    black pyramid - adversarial
    batillus - concrete sustain
    grayceon - pearl and the end of days
    old lines - لشعب يريد إسقاط النظام‎
    globe and beast - grandfather’s axe
    benchpress - controlled by death
    the bellicose minds - the spine
    lilacs & champagne - danish & blue


    Need to listen to:

    morok (sound age productions)
    the dead - transcending obscurity
    neige morte
    Van-anh Vanessa vo - three-mountain pas

    The rest is on my RYM wishlist or in a Spotify playlist.


    Weekend - Jinx (it's not bad, but I liked Sports better - a lot more post-punk)

    Ghost - Infestissumam (lol wat)

    QOTSA - ...Like Clockwork (meh)

    Power Trip - manifest decimation (I get what they were for going for with the classic 80's thrash, reverb-soaked production, but for me it's a turn-off)

    The Necks - Open (I mean, I just started listening to them, but I'm not impressed with this as I am with the others)

    Full of Hell - Rudiments of Mutilation (kinda dull)

    Terror - Live By the Code (lol it's that bad)

    Dead in the Dirt - The Blind Hole )

    Modern Life is War - Fever Hunting (eh, can't say this did it for me)

    Favorite discoveries:

    Songs: Ohia
    The Necks
    Drive Like Jehu
    Off Minor
    Shipping News
    Indian Summer
    The For Carnation

    Bands/artists I'm immensely glad I finally checked out:

    Elliott Smith

    More to come.
  • seen live

    Mag 28 2013, 23:28

    Inter Arma 5x
    Whores 5x
    Every Time I Die 3x
    Mastodon 3x
    Kylesa 3x
    Bodyfather 4x
    Weekend 2x
    KEN mode 2x
    The Powder Room 3x
    Slayer 2x
    Megadeth 2x
    Converge 2x
    Vital Remains 2x
    Wormrot 2x
    Exodus 2x
    The Sword 2x
    Abysmal Dawn 2x
    Ghoul 2x
    YOB 2x
    Terror 2x
    Infernal Stronghold 2x
    Rwake 2x
    Full of Hell 2x
    Loma Prieta 2x
    Death Angel 2x
    Coke Bust 2x
    Rapturous Grief 2x
    Dead in the Dirt 2x
    True Widow 2x
    Under a Sky So Blue 2x
    Cloud Nothings 2x
    The Liverhearts 2x
    Order of the Owl 2x
    Lazer/Wulf 2x
    Dead Register 2x

    Between the Buried and Me
    Vektor (partial)
    Malevolent Creation
    Black Breath
    Black September
    Kowloon Walled City
    Wolves in the Throne Room
    Falls of Rauros
    High on Fire (partial)
    The Dillinger Escape Plan
    Trap Them
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Cephalic Carnage
    Black Anvil
    The Red Chord
    Veil of Maya
    Innumerable Forms
    The Terrordactyls
    Lie Captive
    Former Thieves
    Cannibal Corpse
    Black Pyramid
    Sunn O)))
    Lightning Bolt
    US Christmas
    La Dispute
    Code Orange Kids
    B L A C K I E (all caps with spaces)
    Iron Lung
    Rapturous Grief
    UV Race
    Total Control
    Fever Dreams
    Tame Impala
    Blood Ceremony (partial)
    Bear Claw
    No Age
    Chelsea Wolfe
    Lilacs & Champagne
    Pop. 1280
    Beach Fossils (partial)
    Power Trip
    Mammoth Grinder
    Dead Meadow ***one of my top 5 shows ever***
    All the Saints
    Sebadoh (partial)
    Russian Circles
    Permanent Makeup
    Cult Leader
    Ringo Deathstarr
    Women's Work
    Mary Ocher
    Swans **life-changing**
    Black Cobra
    King Dude
    Cloud Rat
    Nervous Mothers
    The Atlas Moth
    SubRosa *partial*
    White Lung
    Yellow Eyes
    Cult of Youth

    MDF 2012

    Electric Wizard ***one of my top five shows ever***
    Noothgrush (partial)
    Church of Misery
    Disma (partial)
    Demonical (partial)
    Morbid Angel
    Napalm Death
    Today is the Day (partial)
    Unsane (partial)
    Demigod (partial)
    Brujeria (partial)
    Dragged Into Sunlight
    Winter (partial)
    Deviated Instinct
    Morbid Saint
    Agents of Abhorrence (partial)