• adoring

    Set 3 2008, 13:38

    Because Nehor is the bestest friend ever, he let me use his iTunes account so I could get Adorata (obviously, I needed the quickest fix possible, the twins completely took over my ears and am currently unable to listen to anything not containing Mark/Greg. Downloading QOTSA as I type this).

    Belles - slow and dreamy, and warm. The boys' voices melt and enfold. Probably should find the original to appreciate it fully.

    Down the Line - I like Jose Gonsalez well enough, but he should just acknowledge this version is the way the song wanted to be from the start. The strings in the finale are pure brilliance.

    Deep Hit of the Morning Sun - Mark at his gentlest. Just scrape me off the floor already.

    Flow Like a River - rockin'. Or possibly grungin'.

    Spanish Doors - this one took me a while to get into (it's the guitar, this rhythm always bugs me for some reason), but now I love it to bits, I suppose the concert did the trick.

    We Have Met Before - it may just be my favourite. Impalpable tension and yearning that for me works almost on the subliminal level. And again the strings...