(Digital) albums I'm frantically looking for


Ott 25 2009, 0:57

Should you have any of them, drop me a note. I'll appreciate it. I'd may (or may not) be interested in buying them along with other things in my wanted list, anyways for these ones I'd like to take a good pre-listening before.

Belfagor - Immortalation

More info here

Various Artists - The Tomb Of Grind

More info here

Fucking Christ - Catchy As AIDS

More info here

Gnome - Gnome

More info here

Nychts - Denn... Nichts

More info here

Pimentola - Demo - 1

More info here

Nattstrype - The Art of Misanthropy

More info here

Woods of Infinity - Skog

More info here

Woods of Infinity - Trollhämnd

More info here

Wolfnacht - Thor's Hammer

More info here

Unio Mystica - Dance Demons

More info here

Satanochio - The Naughty Nightfall Massacre

More info here

Dark Metamorphosis - Alucard on our Side

More info here

Manierisme - 追憶 & 人形の記憶

More info here

Begotten - Kill Myself to Live a Life Without You!

More info here

Arabia - Black Pearl

More info here

Christian Theology - Seven Crowns

More info here

Also, anything by Necrogay, Phest, Died Like Flies and Helkagor

Already found: RotInjected - Demo 2001, Krom - Wind Under The Door, Manierisme - 過去と悲哀, Aorlhac - La Chronique des Vents, Dragon Mandole - Bard's Tale I: Esprits du Soleil Levant, Messershmit & Satanic Verses - Split Way of Life , Sorgenheim - I., Ahulabrum - The Phantom of Flatwoods, Дисфория,
Occvlta - VVe Command The VVolves, Woldwarden - Entombed in the Black Earth, FERMENTÆ - Diaspora, Soleil Noir - Soleil Noir, Xasthur - Hidden Lore, Astaarth - History of Our Yesterday's Pride
, Ash Pool - First Taste Of Power and Fethuruz - P D E C O E O D L V C


  • little_raven

    Lo que los hace interesantes es la inencontrabilidad. Also, mejor escuchar mucho y descartar mucho que quedarse con los mismos 200 artistas indies pedorros que escucha todo el mundo

    Ott 25 2009, 4:48
  • Ramiro123

    Si encontrás el de Belfagor algun dia, pasalo, gato.

    Ott 25 2009, 22:19
  • Albent

    Supongo que estas pidiendo links para bajar, dado que no creo que se encuentren a la venta por aca...

    Ott 30 2009, 15:21
  • little_raven

    Si, igual creo que ni para comprarlos debe haber

    Ott 30 2009, 16:49
  • AbraWerewolf

    Thanks to this I discovered Ash Pool, and thoroughly have enjoyed all I've heard. Thanks, Raven.

    Nov 9 2009, 3:10
  • little_raven

    You are welcome. Feel free to drop a note if you find that release.

    Nov 9 2009, 3:37
  • hatesword

    Hi. I've found link for Messershmit & Satanic Verses split. Here is it: www [dot ] mediafire [dot] com/?wjtnv2lummf

    Dic 6 2009, 20:54
  • little_raven

    Why, thank you!

    Dic 7 2009, 1:28
  • Volkov88

    Hola, interesante este blog.

    Mar 8 2010, 21:02
  • Volkov88

    te gusto Fethuruz?

    Mar 16 2010, 22:35
  • waitressboy

    y yo que me la pasaba buscando los discos de Terami Hirsch...

    Apr 7 2010, 14:06
  • Marupinku

    Do you still need Unio Mystica's Dance Demons?

    Mag 30 2010, 7:26
  • little_raven

    Indeed. Do you know where I can get it?

    Giu 1 2010, 6:14
  • little_raven

    Guess you found it heh

    Feb 6 2012, 21:14
  • iggnsthe

    Still know where to find that Astaarth tape? I'd be extremely interested. Send me a PM if you'd like.

    Mar 28 2013, 23:36
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