Top 15, because I can't resist a silly music meme for long.


Apr 14 2006, 15:54

Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

1. David Bowie
First song: Space Oddity, probably.
Fell in love: The Cygnet Committee
Current Favourite: Ooh, tough one. Rock'n'Roll Suicide

2. The Beatles
First song: Hard to say, since for me the Beatles were ALWAYS there. Let's say Yellow Submarine
Fell in love: Help, I think.
Current Favourite: I've Just Seen a Face

3. Elbow
First song: Switching Off
Fell in love: Fallen Angel
Current Favourite: Fugitive Motel

4. Tom Waits
First song: Cemetary Polka
Fell in love: Jockey Full of Bourbon
Current Favourite: Fumbling With The Blues

5. The Smiths
First song: Bigmouth Strikes Again
Fell in love: The Headmaster Ritual
Current Favourite: Paint a Vulgar Picture

6. Pixies
First song: Debaser
Fell in love: Debaser
Current Favourite: The Happening

7. The Police
First song: Roxanne
Fell in love: Can't Stand Losing You
Current Favourite: Can't Stand Losing You

8. dEUS
First song: suds and soda
Fell in love: Memory Of A Festival
Current Favourite: For the Roses

9. Franz Ferdinand
First song: Take Me Out
Fell in love: Matinee
Current Favourite: Walk Away

10. Radiohead
First song: Creep
Fell in love: Just
Current Favourite: Optimistic

*whew*, this is LONG!

11. Jethro Tull
First song: Thick as a Brick
Fell in love: [Thick as a Brick
Current Favourite: Jack In The Green

12. Sufjan Stevens
First song: Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, IL
Fell in love: Decatur
Current Favourite: Chicago or Casimir Pulaski Day

13. Simon & Garfunkel
First song: Sounds of Silence
Fell in love: At the Zoo
Current Favourite: America

14. Leonard Cohen
First song: Dance Me to the End of Love
Fell in love: Stories of the Street
Current Favourite: Why Don't You Try

15. The Dresden Dolls
First song: Coin Operated Boy
Fell in love: Coin Operated Boy
Current Favourite: Hard to pick from their wonderful album, but right now Bad Habit

Man, that took a while. I don't know if it's because I'm using IE7, but all the auto-tracking javascript that keeps parsing the artist-code in the background really starts to slow down typing after a few dozen tags.


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