Song Shuffle Quiz


Ago 31 2008, 11:09


1. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
2. Dance, Dance
3. Do What You Do
4. 2 Atoms In A Molecule
5. Bright Idea
6. Alone
7. Away From Here
8. All Time Lows
9. The Butterfly Collector
10. Can't Buy Me Love
11. The World Is Outside
12. Room on the 3rd Floor
13. Yesterday
14. Merry Happy
15. Stay The Night
16. She Loves You
17. In the End
18. Aggro
19. Happy Jack
20. Walk in the Sun
21. Contagious
22. Thnks fr th Mmrs
23. In the City
24. Ghosts
25. Elvis Ain't Dead
26. Fake Tales of San Francisco
27. Get Back
28. Homewrecker
29. Mouthwash
30. Balaclava


1. Which song do you prefer, 1 or 30? 1.

2. Have you ever listened to 12 continuously on repeat? No, I don't like enough to.

3. What album is 26 from? Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

4. What do you think about the artist who did 15? They're great, in my opinion!

5. Is 19 one of your favourite songs? No.

6. Who does 28 remind you of? No one at the moment.

7. Does 20 have better lyrics or music? Lyrics; acoustic doesn't really suit McFly in my opinion.

8. Do any of your friends like 3? I don't know; I've never asked.

9. Is 23 from a movie soundtrack? None that I'm aware of, no.

10. Is 18 overplayed on the radio? It's an album track, so it can't be.

11. What does 21 remind you of? Nothing at the moment.

12. Which do you prefer, 5 or 22? 5

13. What album is 17 from? Dookie

14. When did you first hear 19? A few summers ago.

15. What genre is 8? .

16. What is your favourite lyric from 3? Don't have one yet.

17. What colour does 3 remind you of? Pink. xD

18. Have you ever blasted 11 on your stereo? Yes, and sung along really loudly and happily. :D

19. What genre is 7?

20. Can you play 13 on any instrument? No.

21. What is your favourite lyric from 30? None, because I can't understand what Alex Turner is saying!

22. What is your favourite lyric from 23? Don't have one.

23. Would you recommend 24 to your friends? No, it's not as good as some of their other stuff.

24. Is 2 a good song to dance to? Yes, of course. xD

25. Do you ever hear 16 on the radio? No. :(

26. Is 22 more of a nighttime or daytime song? Nighttime, in my opinion.

27. Does 16 have any special meaning to you? No.

28. Do any of your friends like 1? I don't know; I've never asked.

29. Is 25 a fast or slow song? Kind of in the middle.

30. Is 5 a happy or sad song? Very happy. :D

31. What is one of your favourite lyrics from 9? Don't have any.

32. Is 14 better to listen to alone or with friends? With friends, because you can all sing along loudly together! xD

33. When did you first hear 27? When I bought Love.

34. Name 3 other songs by the artist who did 29. Foundations, We Get On and Pumpkin Soup.

35. Do you know all the words to 6? No.

36. Does 28 have better lyrics or music? Music.

37. What album is 10 from? I can't remember; it's on a greatest hits one I've got.


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