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I was born in Alhandra and I live in Edinburgh

I am a translator and I teach Portuguese

I'm very interested in gender politics and I call myself a masc*u*list

I would like to hear from men who have dealt -or are dealing- with abortion in any way.

I'm homosexual and it drives me up the wall the word gay being used meaning it, as if they were perfectly interchangeable. They are not. While the former describes very satisfactorily a totally natural sexuality, the latter is a heavily charged -and, in my opinion, reactionary- sociocultural construct.

I'm also single and, to paraphrase Ms. Austen, 'It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good library must be in want of a boyfriend." Please do not hesitate in contacting me, should you think you and I could be a great match and are in want of a living happily ever after kinda scenario.
NB As you’d guess, no LGBTQIPTDLNBHGYTECVJHZ weirdos need apply. Cheers!

I'm a half-hearted Bud*dhist : (

I adore Radio 4
(that's got to be, generally speaking, the most interesting radio station ever!)

I abhor Radio 4
(that's the stronghold of the middle class establishment and its late twentieth century liberal biases which, in any case, pervade the Be*eb.)

I'd say I’m a libertarian rather than a liberal and never a libertine.

I like using msn: & Skype: branwellbronte (minus the "lollers", the multichatters and the "I'm gooders" when one asks them how they are). Tell me you come from here, if you fancy chatting to me on either.

Every now and again, I tweet

And the rest, as they say, is music

PS I loathe the words "awesome" and "random"; and before those was the "wicked" fad thing.

And i still think that this video is very funny. Don't you?

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