• Fiasco for those who "specifically" got tickets for The Cure.

    Dic 16 2008, 21:29

    Mon 15 Dec – The Cure

    This was a disaster. Where to begin?

    When tickets first appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show website weeks ago, I couldn't be happier. With a 2 ticket limit, I got two, so I could take my sister (who's the biggest Cure fan). We arranged our work schedule around so we could attend and get there early for a chance at getting a good spot in front of the stage.

    A little info about the Kimmel show, this show was slated for the Outside Stage area. Those with tickets specifically for the musical guest always line up behind the El Capitan Theatre, where a framework stage is set up. If you line-up early, once inside the gates, you can get as close to the stage as you like. Also, the show books separate guests for an Indoor Studio audience. They line up at the main entrance, go inside, and see that portion of the show. Once done, they then get escorted to the back to join the Outside Stage ticketholders and everyone sees the band. Everything clear?

    Well, the day arrives and me and my sister line up. It's 4:15pm. We see about 30 people in front of us. We think we're in for sure. No worries. Then it starts raining at about 5:00pm. At times, heavy rainfall and continuous. Around 6:15pm, we're told that the Outside Stage area will not be used (the area is totally open to the elements and the rain was getting to be too much). Several Production lackeys say "Don't worry. The band will be set up inside, in the studio area. We'll just move you inside." We have good spots in line, so we wait for further instructions.

    About a half hour later, the lackeys come back and say that "The Fire Marshall says we can only accomodate a limited number of you, so we're going to do a head count. And only those we "count" will be let in." We start to worry. After the headcount, we were among the "lucky" so we were told to stay in line, and do as they say ("no cuts, no running, no photo shooting with cellphones once inside, etc."). Everyone else who were not counted, were asked to leave. Mind you this is all happening outside in the pouring rain.

    Another half hour passes, and finally this remaining line of people is escorted around the block, to the entrance of the main building. Once there, the line is stopped. An hour passes,..........then almost another hour! No updates from any of the Security personnel, Production Assistants, or Show Ushers. Word spreads that the show has begun, and we're still outside. It's about 9:30pm.

    Finally, they let a few of us in. "Only" a few before one of the initial lackeys says "We're not letting the rest of you guys in. Best to go home." The Fire Marshall had deemed there's already too many inside, can't let anymore in.

    A total disaster.

    I blame the Fire Marshall (who obviously is a moron and can't count, since he initially okayed the "number" to let in from the outside, resulting in having those people wait several hours in the rain). I blame the Production lackeys (who left everyone outside without "informative" updates, and had a bullying attitude like "do this and this...or you're never going in or you'll be kicked out"). I blame Jimmy Kimmel (who was probably aware of the situation and didn't have the balls to at least come outside and speak to the crowd). I'm pretty sure if The Cure knew what was going on outside, they would have done something (like play just 2 songs for the Studio audience, have the studio cleared, and then have the hardcore fans who waited outside walked inside, to then play for them the remaining 8 songs of their scheduled setlist).

    Those of us who were lined up on Hawthorne Ave. and saw them drive in at around 5:15 cheered when they arrived. They saw us braving the rain just to see them perform. The show probably never told them what was happening.

    9:30pm and the remainder of us (left outside) still stuck around, since we could hear the mini-concert going on inside. A couple of LAPD officers arrive. We start yelling "Let us in!". It's now about 10:15pm. By 10:30, the show ends. Me and my sister leave, and both of us have colds this morning. Totally inconsiderate treatment by the show's staff. I want to make some sort of viable complaint, and make the band aware of what happened. What galls me is the "There's nothing I can do, what are you going to do about it" attitude the one Production Guy had.

    If anyone knows how to get this message to the band, it would be greatly appreciated. I still love The Cure, but this is a blemish on them (more correctly, this Cure event) for me now. I hope some of the others who were in line with me managed to run to their van (in the back parking area) afterwards to complain to them.
  • 10 Favorite double albums.

    Apr 25 2008, 19:09

    I know everyone has their own favorite, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of these at least appear somewhere on your own Top Ten. These are the double albums I never get tired of listening to:

    10) The River - Bruce Springsteen
    9) Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins
    8) Blonde On Blonde - Bob Dylan
    7) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John (Favorite: "Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding")
    6) The Wall - Pink Floyd (Favorite song: "Comfortably Numb")
    5) The Fragile - Nine Inch Nails (Favorite: "Please")
    4) Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me - The Cure (Favorite song: "Just Like Heaven")
    3) Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin (Favorite song: "Trampled Under Foot")
    2) The White Album - The Beatles (this would have been #1 if not for "Revolution 9")
    1) London Calling - The Clash (a perfect record) (Favorite song: "Lost In The Supermarket")
  • I honestly think the Foos are incapable of putting on a bad concert.

    Mar 12 2008, 23:36

    Thu 6 Mar – Foo Fighters, Against Me!
    From the very first song to the last, there was just a lot to enjoy. And the way the regular stage had a catwalk that extended to a smaller stage (on the General Admission floor) offered those at the far end of the Forum a chance to see the band (when they played an acoustic set of 6 songs). I've always dreaded concerts at the Forum, because the sound is never great (and the parking sucks), but for the Foo Fighters I gladly plucked down the ducats. I've seen them everytime they've played in LA, and they've NEVER disappointed. Now that they've conquered the Forum, can headlining the Rose Bowl be far off in the future? As for the songs, they did 20 in all (beginning with "Let It Die", then roaring through "The Pretender/Times Like These/Breakout/Learn To Fly/Cheer Up Boys/This Is A Call/Stacked Actors") until it came down to move over to the smaller stage and play a 6 song acoustic set ("Skin and Bones/Marigold/My Hero/Cold Day In The Sun/But Honestly/Everlong"). I'd staked out a spot on the side corner of this smaller stage, so I enjoyed this part of the concert most, and was able to take a lot of good pictures on my digital camera. After this set was done, the band reverted back to the original larger stage in front, to finish with really loud versions of "Monkey Wrench" and "All My Life". But they weren't finished yet... After briefly leaving the stage, of course they were going to do encores! And they did. "Big Me" followed by a cover (tonight it was "Darling Nikki" by Prince; the night before, they did "Next To You" by the Police), then "Long Road To Ruin" and "Best Of You". Over 2 hours of proper entertainment that left everyone going home happy (and wanting for the next time Dave & Co. come by to play).
  • Very creative gig by Ladytron, to do on short notice.

    Ott 1 2007, 20:26

    Thu 27 Sep – Ladytron, Great Northern
    After the Pet Shop Boys cancelled their Hollywood Bowl show (on which Ladytron was opening), I'm sure a lot of us were either disappointed or pissed. Then, to have Ladytron agree to do this free concert (and in a courtyard, where you could get as close as you wanted, if you got there early). I was ecstatic! I ended up getting far better photos than I would have at the cavernous Bowl. And their sole condition of having to take the Metro, and using the Metro ticket for admittance into the open area in front of the stage, was ingenious. I'd never taken the Metro Rail, and this forced me to. It was easier than I expected. So much so, that I'm going to use it more when I go to the Fonda, the Pantages, the Palladium or the Avalon. As for the concert itself, what can I say? Ladytron didn't disappoint. They were great.
    Am really looking forward to hearing their new stuff for their next album (but, sadly, this probably means we won't see them in concert again for about a year, while they work on it).