Here I Am/Libra Go Lucky


Apr 6 2006, 16:05

"Naive and child-like, this classically tinged composition uses a reverse lead guitar and is laden with sections of strings and French horns. Beginning with the finger snaps, it picks up towards the middle and evokes the imaginative carefree intent of the production....

Story Behind the Song: Both of these tracks [Here I Am and Libra Go Lucky] were written about the same time and I realized immediately how they might be 'joined at the hip.' Both in the key of C, they were fun to write, perform and produce. And the inclusion of my infant daughter as ambience came after a search of audio made during the first 9 months of her life.

My daughter can be heard in the introduction and as ambience from her first birthday party. At eleven years of age she would become renown for her 'Carthwheel Heard 'Round the World' for challenging the education establishment by refusing to comply with an arbitrary regulation proscribing cartwheels and handstands..."

- Leland Thomas Faegre


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