she - orion + coloris Digipack CD [Product Pictures]


Gen 4 2011, 13:45


─ artist: She
┐ albums: coloris + Orion

These two albums are almost mythical in my mind. Do they actually exist as tangible objects? Even after I ordered them both at YesAsia I still didn't believe it.

Here's some Product Pictures for those who are interested ^^



┐ both cds come in nice cardboard cases.
─ Inside there's a little fold-out b&w booklet
└ the coloris one has all the lyrics
│ the orion one doesn't have any lyrics, but has the story as it's found on the orion website

▀ I had never heard two of the bonus tracks on coloris 'your love' + 'drones'
▲ both are really good, especially drones which is AMAZING ^^


\\\ thanks for reading ^^


  • lethal_bottle

    I thought maybe Orion would have a liitle more, the lyrics and some concept art would have been nice! but as these are his debut releases, I hope the future CDs have a bit more in them :)

    Gen 12 2011, 1:01
  • p38lightning7

    I made my own cd art for orion.

    Apr 22 2011, 5:47
  • p38lightning7

    Well I guess modified is the correct term, as I formated the free images from his site into printable covers.

    Apr 22 2011, 5:50
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