• How ye do neighbour?

    Mar 3 2006, 4:32

    I find it kind of funny that the highest match rating on my neighbours list is 2.5 It's also kind of funny that all most all of them are older then me. I think it's mostly because I seem to have a very varied taste in music. I can't class it all in one genre. Come'on, from Will Smith to Musicals to The Arrogant Worms? I just like to laugh at myself every now and then because of that.

    Hmmm, I think it's just because I don't want to do to bed yet, so I'll lurk around here for a while.
  • Let the music move your peg leg

    Feb 26 2006, 15:36

    Hm, another jounral I won't use :p But the site is cool, I love finding new music. Just thought I'd put something here to not look so boring. Well my name is Kylie and I listen to some pretty random music. My most recent playlist involed songs that where connected to Pirates in some way. The Last Saskatchewan Pirate has to be one of my favorites.

    If anyone knows any other pirate songs I'd love some new suggestions.