Top 10 Artists


Feb 14 2008, 15:33

1.Foo Fighters

First song I heard: Everlong
Song that made me fall in love: Best of You
Favourite song: Let It Die
Favourite album: The Colour and the Shape
Favourite member: ofc :DD
Worst album: None is bad, but Foo Fighters is the least good one ^^


First song I heard: Nothing Else Matters
Song that made me fall in love: Hero of the Day
Favourite song: Disposable Heroes
Favourite album: Ride the Lightning
Favourite member:
Worst album: St. Anger


First song I heard: Zoe Jane
Song that made me fall in love: Zoe Jane
Favourite song: Outside
Favourite album: Break the Cycle
Favourite member:
Worst album: Tormented


First song I heard: Some Day
Song that made me fall in love: Some Day
Favourite song: Save Me
Favourite album: Us And Them
Favourite member:
Worst album: None. Like'em both

5.In Flames

First song I heard: Evil in a Closet
Song that made me fall in love: Evil in a Closet
Favourite song: My Sweet Shadow
Favourite album: Soundtrack to Your Escape
Favourite member:
Worst album: Some of the old ones, Lunar Strain maybe

6.Green Day

First song I heard: Basket Case
Song that made me fall in love: Basket Case
Favourite song: Holiday
Favourite album: American Idiot
Favourite member:
Worst album:

7.3 Doors Down

First song I heard: Going Down in Flames
Song that made me fall in love: Kryptonite
Favourite song: Landing in London
Favourite album: Seventeen Days
Favourite member:
Worst album:

8. Nickelback

First song I heard: How You Remind Me
Song that made me fall in love: Someday
Favourite song: Savin' Me
Favourite album: All The Right Reasons
Favourite member:
Worst album: Curb

9. Hammerfall

First song I heard: Dreams Come True
Song that made me fall in love: Hearts on Fire
Favourite song: Threshold ' Always Will Be
Favourite album: Renegade
Favourite member:
Worst album: Glory to the Brave

10. Red Hot Chili Peppers

First song I heard: Californication
Song that made me fall in love: Californication
Favourite song: Otherside
Favourite album: Californication
Favourite member:
Worst album: Freaky Styley


  • takZa

    Kommer det en ny 14 februar i år da =D?

    Feb 9 2009, 11:48
  • larsemao

    Ja, det kan vel gjøres :DD Ikke så sykt mange endringer da :>

    Feb 9 2009, 18:08
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