New Year CD Shopping!


Dic 31 2005, 16:37

Today was the first time I decided to buy presents in last day before New Year...
In my opinion CD is best present for everyone... if you know 'everyone's music preferences, of course:-)
I bought presents for my parents, I wrote about their music favourites, so it wasn't too hard for me to choose the right album for them...
I'm sure that they don't see this page till they get their presents, sooooo...
Greatest and Paul McCartney's "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard" ...

When i was shopping for CDs I listened to my mp3 player. Playlist from it (aka New Year CD Shopping songs):
1.You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son
2.Step Into My Office, Baby
3.What Goes On
4.Devil In My Car
5.Ruby Sees All
6.Welcome Home
8.I Don't Want To Fall In Love
9.Heart of Glass
10.Walk Away
11.Please Stand Up
12.God's Money V
13.Just Another Love Song
14.Country Death Song
15.This Modern Love
16.Through Being Cool
18.Driving Home
19.What You're Doing
20.Don't Ask Me
21.Driving Too Fast
22.Let's Go to Bed
23.In My Head
24.Swing The Big Eyed Rabbit
25.Der Telefon-Anruf
26.I'm a Wicked One
28.This Charming Man
29.Little Saint Nick
30.How We Never Went To Bed

that's all..

so Happy New Year Yelena, Alex, my friends Lena, Marishka, Andrey, my spirit friends Elmira, Jenya, Dima, Anton, Genya, Kate, Elvina, my cousin Julia, and eveybody from other countries, especially from Scotland!


  • Jen_Spee

    Hey!Это так здорово - дарить родителям музыку,Светка))Моим уже ничего особенно не надаришь,чтобы порадовать) И твой плейлист..Gawd хау ай лав thис Roxy Music сонг ;_; С новым годом,спирит френд! Год был бы не год,если бы я не встретила тебя)Ты не просто the beist,ты чуть ли не любимейший мой новый друк..=D только непредусмотрительно далекий XD Как только найду свой телефон,ночью сегодня - отсмсю! Хагз-н-киссес ! Ай лавз йа

    Dic 31 2005, 18:14
  • Jen_Spee

    Oi)Твоей замечательнейшей маме привет новогодний! И папе)

    Dic 31 2005, 18:23
  • azfad

    'chaos and creation..' is excellent. you should give it a listen too - you might be surprised

    Gen 4 2006, 10:49
  • lanafrommoscow

    to say honest i downloaded it from internet some months ago, I liked it very much, especially English Tea... so I thoght it can be a good present.

    Gen 4 2006, 11:21
  • azfad

    you downloaded it? quite right - paul has enough money for 100 lifetimes

    Gen 4 2006, 11:40
  • lanafrommoscow

    yeah yeah, i think paul don't mind if i download his songs. to say honest again i download 90 % of my music. I bought only Sons & Daughters and Franz albums (and singles). Sons and Daughters are one of the best artists I've ever heard and what to say about Franz...well, their cd covers are very special, i love soviet artists and I love how Franz remake their works for cd covers...

    Gen 4 2006, 17:56
  • ChadFromCanada

    What You're Doing is a good song. Eta harasho.

    Mag 21 2006, 4:34
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