Gig at Robin 2 - SLF 13th October 2008


Ott 15 2008, 14:08

Mon 13 Oct – Stiff Little Fingers

I have liked SLF since 1981 (I've included a Youtube video of what they looked like back then - a song you might recognise though they didn't play on Monday night !)

so I'm a seasoned gig -goer; I've seen them countless times over the years

This gig was in my opinion from good to great - 4 stars out of 5
The band especially seemed to be enjoying themselves, there was a good turnout and the crowd were quite buoyant and enthusiastic

I stood at first to the left of the stage, but the sound was a little garbled there, that really was my only complaint of the whole evening the sound could have been a lot better
So I stood just behind the frenzy of bodies pogoing; bang in the middle of the crowd so then I got a good view and the sound was marginally better from there

I love the intro to a fingers gig; the anticipation when you hear that intro makes it all the more fun ( I also managed to get a set list that was gaffer -taped to the stage floor)

Their set started off with Wasted Life which is always a good one to start with, straight into Nobody's Hero which is one of my all time fave tracks as Jake's voice sounds like he's eaten gravel for breakfast ...brilliant!

There were a lot of people singing along, Another fave next was Roots, Radical, Rockers and Reggae. The next song I'm not that familiar with was The Roaring Boys (Parts 1 & 2) which is on their Tinderbox album.
What I liked about their set was even though there were the "cult" favourites in the list that they played; I was really nicely surprised by some of their songs which I now have a new appreciation of how excellent they as a band really are.

The next 3 songs demonstrate that: Silver Lining At the Edge Safe as Houses
Now those tracks were really well sung (Jake, I'm impressed), At the edge took me back to when I was 15 (not sure I've actually left that age sometimes) and the best song for me by far the whole evening wasSafe as Houses
I never close my eyes when I'm listening to songs unless they are chillout songs, I was totally gone ... very good sign!!

The next two songs Guitar And Drum and the excellent Specials cover Doesn't Make It Alright all crowd pleasers and a little rest from the jumping up and down.

The next song I was surprised to hear; I'd actually forgotten they even did it was Piccadilly Circus which is a touching song and was well received by everyone.
Next up was Can't Get Away With That from their Guitar And Drum album.After that
this next song is also in my top three; Barbed Wire Love I had been shouting for it all night; not knowing it was on the set list, I got quite bouncy and jumped around like zebedee (thanks to Carl for putting up with me) they played it really well.

Next up was Strummerville which needs no introduction to who that's about and lastly Just Fade Away which again was excellent.
Everyone enjoyed the set and there was lotsa of applause and stomping feet/clapping shouting "fingers, fingers" which got them back on again
They went straight into another fave of mine Suspect Device then the excellent Tin Soldiers

Back on again for 2nd encore and the last song which I used to drive my mother(R.I.P) mad with as she knew what was coming when she heard the guitar intro :D it said it all .... of course it was Alternative Ulster

A good night was had by all, lots of pogoing going on (I hate the term moshing) I was speaking to a woman next to me and she was only 22 and was loving the gig; if you get a chance to see them, do.. I highly recommend it


  • Davie_Orr

    I've gotta agree Diana, I've seen this band numerous in the Barrowlands on there very traditional St. Patricks night gig 17th March. I'll second the motion [quote] if you get a chance to see them, do.. I highly recommend it [/quote]

    Apr 14 2010, 16:03
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