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Feb 4 2009, 18:48

Ha~i! お元気? ...So, after a 4-month break, I'm again watching Bleach ^_^;

In the other news, I've had a few omg-this-new-song-is-so-awesome moments.

For one, I've got a few albums of タイナカ サチ and these two tracks are really great: きらめく涙は星に from きらめく涙は星に album and 一番星 from Love is... album.

For two, I fell in love with KOKIA's single for 銀色の髪のアギト anime, especially with opening theme 調和 oto~with reflection~. Though, 愛のメロディー is great too.

And lastly, I've seen a Repo! The Genetic Opera and it is pretty good. Much better, then I expected. Strangely enough, thanks to this movie (and then, Alexa Vega), I've stumbled upon a Metro Station and their last album Metro Station (see, today is a day of clever album names :)). The album is good, some songs are really good (like, Seventeen Forever, Shake It and True To me), so it's worth to check them out.

Moving to the next big story.

As you could notice, Last.fm finally starting merging and cleaning their databases. So, please, look carefully for your favorite artists/albums/songs names to be merged right.

This is especially painful process for popular Asian music. So far, I've noticed that:

Your help in correcting those kind of errors would be greatly appreciated. But remember that you must be perfectly sure that you suggest a right correction!

Well, that's all for now, 'cause I'm running out of time (shouldn't stay up that late, duh). See you next time, bye!


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