• Karma to Burn at the Camden Underworld, Tuesday 16th June

    Giu 17 2009, 22:09

    Tue 16 Jun – Karma to Burn, Sons of Alpha Centauri, Sons Of Merrick

    Karma to Burn, having reformed late last year, played a fantastic show at Camdens intimate bar/venue, playing to a packed audience of appreciative "malternative" fans. I didn't catch the first warm-up act, yet the second, "Sons of Merrick", certainly got the crowd warmed up with their mix of paint-stripping vocals and solid riffs. After the crowd's neck muscles were properly warmed up, THE ROB OSWALD walked on stage and calmly muttered, "what the fuck is up London", before proudly holding up a peice of paper that looked like a receipt from the Devil. It was actually the set-list for the night, beginning with the awesome Nineteen. This set the tone for the rest of the gig, with songs like Eight and Thirty-Four really setting the crowd on fire. Rob had a series of problems with his strings, which led to calls for a bass solo from Dick. The new material wasn't quite as well received as the crowd favourites, but it certainly kept the hair and beer flying. During the encore, fans started going crazy and mosh pit was created, with a bunch of guys getting up on stage before diving in the pit. And then I got Rich's pick! An awesome night from the West Virginians.