• Just Jack Rocks

    Apr 27 2007, 11:15

    Thu 26 Apr – Just Jack

    They totally rocked! I was invited by some friends to go, and i didn't knew them at all, so downloaded their new and 2nd album Overtones. I thought they sounded a bit like Mocky. When they started they immediatly took over the whole place (the small area of the melkweg, Amsterdam). Even people in the back were going crazy. They sound live sooo much better than on the record. I hope they'll do a live-album soon. Jack, if you're reading this; please do. You know you're up to it.

    Their sincere energy is really working. I was jumping my ass off. Some 30 sec. are to be seen here.
    they were really pleased with the crowed pleasing them while they were pleasing the crowd. Pure synergy. This is the end of No Time. In the start of the movie you here the 'Nightrider bass line', which was really cool. And the bass player was giggling like: 'I actually did this on stage...hihi' (more)
    sorry for the distortion, i was standing in the speakerbox....
  • wrong track title

    Feb 21 2006, 20:56

    who knows the real title of this son? it certainly is not Kane.

    please mail the titel to sjaak228@hotmail.com

    thanks, R