Brani (12)
Brano Album Durata Ascolti
Jacuzzi Casanova 3:13 9
And This Is How I Met Tyler Durden 3:06 8
It Doesn't Matter If You Win or Lose, It's What You Do With Your Dancin ' Shoes Brano preferito 1:43 8
You Play With Fire, You Get Cut 2:12 7
It's Like Killing a Unicorn With, Like, a Bomb 3:30 7
A Picture of Beyonce' Pouring Sugar on My Dick 1:47 7
Sharks Live in Water. There's Water in My Toilet. I Rest My Case. 1:51 7
We Used to Be Pussweeds But Now We're Metal, So Get Over Here and Put Out! 2:28 7
Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice 2:46 5
Diabolical Dick Shrinking Mother Fuckers 3:09 4
I'll Bet You Twenty Bucks I Can Get You Gambling Before the End of the Day 2:48 4
It Doesn't Matter If You Win Or lose,It's What You Do With Your Dancin' Shoes Brano preferito
1:43 0