Top User-to-user Recommendations


Mag 28 2008, 13:01

We just launched a new playground demo. It's a weekly chart of tracks and artists recommended by users to users. Let us know if you like it!
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  • mr_maxis

    Funny tool ;) Nice to see Sébastien Tellier 3rd, Eurovision is not that useless... Can you add the number of recommandations ?

    Mag 28 2008, 13:39
  • esc4p1st

    Interesting charts. But the links need a domain name to work. And why not include albums as well?

    Mag 29 2008, 15:31
  • klbostee

    @esc4p1st: We also show the top albums now...

    Giu 4 2008, 14:31
  • esc4p1st

    Nice. Yay for completeness :)

    Giu 4 2008, 20:12
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