Idina Menzel - 6th October 2011


Ott 7 2011, 7:51

Thu 6 Oct – Idina Menzel, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
I'm so glad I finally got to see Idina Menzel live! I never thought I actually would! Best night ever! Tonight made me laugh, cry and have a constant smile on my face. Idina raised the roof just by stepping on stage. Never have I seen that kind of reaction before (even for Michael Ball!) You funny stories made it feel really intimate. Who'd have thought that a concert with an audience that large could feel that way?!
My favourite moment tonight was probably either 'No Day But Today' where us the audience got to sing the great Rent song too, or her non microphoned rendition of 'For Good'. Seriously, Idina you have some set of lungs there. To sing without the mic and still manage to be heard by us up in the gods...I don't think I will ever forget that. Or any other moment for that matter.
A brilliant evening that I didn't want to see end. I hope you will return in the future and that I can see you again. Until then I'll just put your I Stand album on repeat.


  • turnitup-

    I'm happy for you! I love Idina, would be so happy if I met her <3

    Gen 8 2012, 5:30
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