Mud party


Feb 2 2011, 8:34

St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2011
Fort Canning Park, Singapore
29 January 2011

You know how some listeners like to identify bands that are just good on record and actually good live? Holy Fuck falls under both. In fact they've created a 3rd category: bands that are too good there's life before and life after watching them. If you first heard this group in Laneway, the second response (silent awe/shock would be first) would be stalking them as soon as you got on the innernetz. And you should.

Laneway-goers felt the hardest downpour during the Foals set. There was just no stopping these people who've already braved the rain for some 10 hrs just to see Foals*. Foals gave back one hell of a reason to stomp/roll/frolick in the mud with no care in the world.

Hardly expected Yeasayer to be a dance party, which is why when I first saw the festival schedule I was slightly discouraged that Yeasayer was sandwiched between the sets of !!! chk chk chk and Foals. Then holy shit, "Madder Red" played and I just stopped thinking about the order of things.

* I could tell by the amount of people who didn't care to wait for The Temper Trap and/or flocked out after Foals. Like us.


Sat 29 Jan – Laneway Festival


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